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Lot 1080:
Lot 1080 Lot 1080
Horse Racing. Dick Francis. 'Blood Sport'. London 1967. First edition, first impression of Dick Francis' sixth published novel. Original hardback with very good dustwrapper, signed in ink to the title page by the author. Very good condition. Rare
Estimate: £100/150
Hammer price: unsold
Lot 1081:
Lot 1081 Lot 1081
Horse Racing. Dick Francis. Fifty two first editions (first impressions) of Dick Francis titles including novels, biography, shorts story collections and anthologies. All original hardbacks with dustwrappers. Each title signed by Francis to the title or half title page unless stated. Titles include Francis' autobiography, 'The Sport of Queens' 1957, signed to card loosely mounted to title page. Titles and dates of publication of novels by Dick Francis are 'Forfeit' 1968, 'Enquiry' 1969, 'Rat Race' 1970, 'Bonecrack' 1971, 'Smokescreen' 1972, 'Slay Ride' 1973, 'Knockdown' 1974, 'High Stakes' 1975, 'In the Frame' 1976, 'Risk' 1977, 'Trial Run' 1987, 'Whip Hand' 1979, 'Reflex' 1980, 'Twice Shy' 1981, 'Banker' 1982, 'The Danger' 1983, 'Proof' 1984, 'Break In' 1985, 'Bolt' 1986, 'Hot Money' 1987, 'The Edge' 1988, 'Straight' 1989, 'Longshot' 1990, 'Comeback' 1991, 'Driving Force' 1992, 'Decider' 1993, 'Wild Horses' 1994, 'Come to Grief' 1995, 'To the Hilt' 1996', '10lb. Penalty' 1997, 'Second Wind' 1999, 'Shattered' 2000, and 'Under Orders' 2006. Novels written in collaboration with Felix Francis are 'Dead Heat' 2007 (signed by Dick Francis to loosely inserted card), 'Silks' 2008 (signed by both authors), and the following both unsigned, 'Even Money' 2009, and 'Crossfire' 2010. 'Dick Francis' novels written and signed by Felix Francis (unless stated) are 'Gamble' 2011, 'Bloodline' 2012, 'Refusal' 2013, 'Damage' 2014, 'Front Runner' 2015, 'Triple Crown' 2016 (unsigned), 'Pulse' 2017, 'Crisis' 2018, and 'Guilty Not Guilty' 2019. Others are 'The Racing Man's Bedside Book' by Dick Francis and John Welcome 1969, signed by both authors, the Francis signature water damaged. 'Lester. The Official Biography' 1986 (originally published as 'A Jockey's Life'), signed by Francis and Lester Pigott. Short story collection, 'Field of Thirteen' 1998 (signed by Felix Francis). Also two unsigned omnibus editions, 'Three Winners' second impression 1977, and 'Three Favourites' 1978. Odd minor faults to early dustwrappers, otherwise in very good condition. Rare to see such a comprehensive signed collection by this much loved writer
Estimate: £400/600
Hammer price: unsold
Lot 1082:
Lot 1082
Horse Racing. John Francome. A complete collection of all twenty five novels written by John Francome to date. All first edition, first impression (unless stated) hardbacks with dustwrapper, each title signed by Francome. Titles are 'Eavesdropper' 1986, 'Riding High' 1987, 'Declared Dead' 1988, 'Blood Stock' 1989, 'Stone Cold' 1990, 'Stud Poker' 1992, 'Rough Ride' 1993, 'Outsider' 1994, 'Break Neck' 1995, 'Dead Ringer' 1995, 'False Start' 1996, 'High Flyer' 1998, 'Safe Bet' 1998, 'Tip Off' 2000, 'Lifeline' 2000 (ex library copy), 'Dead Weight' 2002, 'Inside Track' 2003, 'Stalking Horse' 2003, 'Back Hander' 2004, 'Cover Up' 2006, 'Free Fall' 2006, 'Dark Horse' 2007, 'Final Breath' 2008, 'Deadly Finish' 2009, and 'Storm Ride' 2010. Also two signed autobiographies by Francome, 'Born Lucky' 1985 (first reprint) and 'Twice Lucky' 1989. Sold with 'Red Rum', Ivor Herbert, London 1974, signed to the front endpaper by Ginger McCain who trained Red Rum, the three times Grand National winner, and 'Foxhunter in Pictures', H.M. Llewellyn, London 1952, signed by the author and one other. Very minor faults to the odd dustwrapper, otherwise in very good condition
Estimate: £50/80
Hammer price: £45
John Francome (born 1952) was champion jockey seven times between 1976 and 1985. On his retirement in 1986 Francome turned to writing and television
Lot 1083:
Lot 1083
Non-sporting novels and biographies. Box comprising nineteen non-sporting books, the majority hardbacks, some signed by the author. First edition, first impression hardback titles include 'The President is Missing', Bill Clinton and James Patterson, London 2018, signed to official autograph label laid to half title page by both authors. 'For the Record', autobiography by David Cameron, London 2018, limited edition signed by Cameron. Also ten first edition, first impression hardbacks by Jeffrey Archer including all seven volumes of 'The Clifton Chronicles' series, 'Only Time Will Tell' 2011, 'The Sins of the Father' 2012, 'Best Kept Secret' 2013 (signed), 'Be Careful What You Wish For' 2014, 'Mightier Than the Sword' 2015, 'Cometh The Hour' 2016, and 'This Was a Man' 2017, also 'Heads You Win' 2018, 'Nothing Ventured' 2019, and 'Hidden in Plain Sight' 2020. Other hardbacks include 'On Duty with the Queen', Dickie Arbiter, Dorking 2014 (signed), and 'Tomorrow Will Be a Good Day', Captain Tom Moore, London 2020. Very good condition with good dustwrappers. Sold with five softback titles by Paul Henke, each signed by the author, 'Debacle' 1999, 'Silent Tears' 2003, 'Havoc' 2004, 'Tears Until Dawn' 2005, and 'Mayhem' 2020. Odd minor faults, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £50/80
Hammer price: £55
Lot 1084:
Lot 1084
Railway histories. Thirty titles, mainly modern hardbacks, covering railway history with significant West Country and Southern interest. Subjects include steam, branch lines, Great Western, Somerset and Dorset, steam in Gloucestershire, steam in wartime, includes two histories of bus and shipping travel etc. Odd minor faults, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £20/30
Hammer price: £12
Lot 1085:
Lot 1085 Lot 1085 Lot 1085 Lot 1085 Lot 1085 Lot 1085 Lot 1085 Lot 1085 Lot 1085 Lot 1085 Lot 1085 Lot 1085 Lot 1085 Lot 1085 Lot 1085 Lot 1085 Lot 1085
Military cigarette cards 1901-1976. Eight complete sets of cards. Sets are John Player & Sons, 'Regimental Uniforms' 1912, blue backs, full set of fifty, and a full set of fifty brown back second series. 'Military Uniforms of the British Empire Overseas' 1938 (50). 'Uniforms of the Territorial Army' 1939 (50). Carreras 'History of Army Uniforms' 1937 (50). Black Cat 'Military Uniforms' 1976 (50). United Dairies 'British Uniforms of the 19th Century' 1962 (25). Willcocks & Willcocks British Cavalry Uniforms of the 19th Century' 1963 (25). Good/ very good condition. Also Gallaher's 'The South African Series' 1901, two cards from the series 'Captain C.F. Cox' and 'Lieut. Colonel Calley' with some faults
Estimate: £50/70
Hammer price: £38
Lot 1086:
Lot 1086 Lot 1086 Lot 1086 Lot 1086 Lot 1086 Lot 1086 Lot 1086 Lot 1086 Lot 1086 Lot 1086 Lot 1086 Lot 1086 Lot 1086 Lot 1086 Lot 1086 Lot 1086 Lot 1086 Lot 1086
Transportation cigarette and trade cards 1922-1963. Six original complete sets. Lambert & Butler 'Motor Cars' 1924 'A Series' (green back), and 1934 (grey back) (Qty 25). W.D. & H.O. Wills 'Speed' 1930 (title in white on dark background), and 1938 (dark title on white) (50). John Player & Sons 'International Air Liners' 1936, full set of fifty. 'Modern Naval Craft' 1939 (50). Godfrey Phillips 'Aircraft' 1938 (54, appears to be the varnished series). Barbers Tea 'Aeroplanes' 1956 (25). Kellog 'A History of British Military Aircraft' 1963(16). Plus one modern reproduction set of 'Aeroplanes by Card Promotions. Odd faults to a few cards, overall in good/ very good condition
Estimate: £30/50
Hammer price: £15
Lot 1087:
Lot 1087 Lot 1087 Lot 1087 Lot 1087 Lot 1087 Lot 1087 Lot 1087
Photographic equipment. Eastman Kodak. c.1920 'No. 3A Autographic Kodak Junior' folding bed camera with Rapid Rectilinear lens by Bausch & Lomb and Kodak ball bearing shutter. Appears to feature three serial numbers, 12428 to shutter/ lens, 13460 to front panel, and 13662 to case. Original leather case. G
Estimate: £30/50
Hammer price: £15
The No. 3 Autographic Junior was produced between 1918 and 1927 and used the A122 rollfilm cartridge

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