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Lot 720:
Lot 720
Gentlemen of the South v Players of the South 1867. Early official fully printed scorecard for the match played at Surrey County Cricket Club, The Kennington Oval on 29th July 'and following days' 1867 with cricket advertising to reverse. The scorecard printed at The Oval by Merser & Gardner of Kensington Cross. The Players of the South beat the Gentlemen of the South by ten wickets. Southerton took eight wickets in the match, five in the Gentlemen's first innings, Humphrey top scored with 65, E.M. Grace 57. Other players involved include Jupp, Griffith, Pooley, Stephenson, Hearne, Mortlock, Lillywhite, Southerton, Lucas, Pelham, I.D. Walker, Round, Noble, Boultbee etc. The Umpires were Julius Caesar and Thomas Sewell, both of whom played for Surrey. Advertisement for Lockyer's Benefit, Surrey & Sussex v England on 26th August to lower quarter of the scorecard. In very good condition. Rare
Estimate: £150/250
Lot 721:
Lot 721
'England v Australia, The Oval 1880'. The First Test Match to be played in England. Original commemorative silk scorecard for the inaugural Test match, England v Australia, played at the Kennington Oval on the 6th-8th September 1880. England won the first Test match by five wickets. England made 420 and Australia were bowled out for 149 in their first innings. Australia following on in their second innings made 327 all out, and England won the test reaching their target of 57 for the loss of five wickets. For England, W.G. Grace made 152, Lucas 55, Lord Harris 52 and Fred Morley of Nottinghamshire took eight wickets in the match. For Australia, Murdoch made 153no in their second innings. The scorecard with fully printed detail. Printed by J. Sharp & Co., for W.E. Hughes, "Clayton Arms", Kennington Oval. Previously sold as lot 129 in the Christie's auction of 18th June 1997. Framed and glazed, overall 11.25"x13.25". A rare scorecard. Very good condition
Estimate: £400/600
W.G. Grace, who scored England's first Test century, E.M. Grace and G.F. Grace all played in the first Test match ever played in England, against Australia, in September 1880, this being the first time since 1744 that three brothers had played for England
Lot 722:
Lot 722
Gentlemen v Players 1895. Official fully printed scorecard for the match played at Lord's in July 8-10th 1895. The Players won by 32 runs. W.G. Grace made 118 in the first and 19 in the second innings for the Gentlemen, William Storer made 93 for the Players in their second innings. F.S. Jackson took six wickets in the match for the Gentlemen and Tom Richardson and Bobby Peel took seven wickets in the match for the Players. Good/very good condition
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 723:
Lot 723
M.C.C. & Ground v Australians 1896. Rare official M.C.C. Lord's silk scorecard for M.C.C. v Australians, Lord's, June 11th and 12th 1896. M.C.C. won by an innings and 18 runs. M.C.C. made a total of 219 with A.E. Stoddart making 54, F.S. Jackson 51 and Gunn 39. Australia made only 18 in the first innings, only three batsmen scored runs, and 183 in their second innings with J. Darling top scoring in the second innings with 76, C.J. Eady 42 and Gregory 28. J.T. Hearne took thirteen wickets in the match including all nine in the second innings, Giffen was absent. Pougher took five wickets in the Australian first innings without conceding a run. There were eleven 'Ducks' in the game. Previously sold as lot 141 in the Christie's auction of 18th June 1997. Framed and glazed, overall 11.25"x13.25". Mounted, framed and glazed, overall 12"x15". VG
Estimate: £80/120
The Australian's score of 18 was their lowest recorded score in England and the lowest against M.C.C. Wisden called it 'perhaps the most sensational match of the whole tour. The game is already a historical one ... By winning in such sensational style the M.C.C. at last took their revenge for the never-to-be-forgotten defeat in 1878.'
Lot 724:
Lot 724 Lot 724
England v Australia Test match scorecards 1912-2019. A good selection of twenty two official scorecards for Test matches played in England. Matches are The Oval 1912, 1938, 1953, 1956 (two different), 1961, 2019, Lord's 1921, 1934, 1938, 1953 (two copies, one appears to be a modern reprint signed by Willie Watson), 1972, 1975, 1980, Old Trafford 1934, Trent Bridge 1953, Headingley 1953, 1956, and Edgbaston 2005 (two copies, England won by 2 runs). Sold with two further official scorecards for Oxford University v Australians, Oxford, 28th-30th May 1930, and Essex v Surrey, Southend-on-Sea, 13th-16th August 1938. Handwritten and printed scores, some complete. Heavy wear to the 1921 Lord's scorecard, other odd faults, generally good condition. Qty 24
Estimate: £50/80
Lot 725:
Lot 725
Australia v England 1928/29. Official scorecard for the second Test played at the Sydney Cricket Ground, 14th-20th December 1928. Tour itinerary and advertising printed to verso. Scores printed by T.M. Greene on the ground. Minor ageing and staining, otherwise in good/ very good condition
Estimate: £40/60
England won by eight wickets with Hammond scoring 251 in England's first innings. For Australia, Woodfull made 111 and Hendry 112 in Australia's second innings
Lot 726:
Lot 726
Australia tour match scorecards 1926-1972. Nineteen official match scorecards for tour matches played by the Australians. Earlier scorecards include v Kent, Canterbury 1926, v England XI, Folkestone 1930 and 1938, v M.C.C., Lord's 1934 and 1938, v Middlesex, Lord's 1934 and 1938, v H.D.G. Leveson Gower's XI, Scarborough 1938, v Lancashire, Old Trafford 1938, v Surrey, The Oval 1938, v Kent, Canterbury 1948, v Yorkshire, Bradford 1956 etc. Sold with two England v Australia Test match scorecards at Trent Bridge 1930 and Headingley 1934. Printed and/ or handwritten scores. Qty 21. G
Estimate: £100/150
Lot 727:
Lot 727 Lot 727
Australia tours to England 1930-1948. Five official scorecards for Test and tour matches. Scorecards are England v Australia, fourth Test, Old Trafford, 25th-29th July 1930. Fifth Test, The Oval, 16th-22nd August 1930. Club Cricket Conference v Australians, Lord's, 6th & 8th September 1930. M.C.C. v Australians, Lord's, 12th-15th May 1934. Sussex v Australians, Hove, 5th-8th June 1948. The majority incomplete, some with handwritten scores. Odd faults, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £30/40
Lot 728:
Lot 728
Australia tour to England 1948. A good selection of official scorecards for Test and tour matches played on the 1948 tour. Test scorecards are first Test, Trent Bridge 10th-15th June, second Test, Lord's, 24th-29th June, fourth Test, Headingley, 22nd-27th July, and fifth Test, The Oval, 14th-18th August. Tour matches are v Surrey, The Oval 8th May, v Oxford University, Oxford, 19th May, v Nottinghamshire, Trent Bridge, 29th May, v Sussex, Hove, 5th June, v Middlesex, Lord's, 17th July, v Glamorgan, Swansea, 2nd August, v Lancashire, Old Trafford, 7th August, v Kent, Canterbury, 21st August, and v South of England, Hastings, 1st September. Sold with an official scorecard for Essex v Australians, Southend-on-Sea, 4th-7th June 1938. Complete and incomplete printed scores with the odd annotations. Qty 14. Odd faults, generally good condition
Estimate: £50/80
Lot 729:
Lot 729
Australia tour to England 1948. Official scorecard for England v Australia, second Test, Lord's 24th-29th June (two copies). Also scorecards for tour matches v Middlesex, Lord's, 17th-20th July (2), v Surrey, The Oval, June 30th- 2nd July, v Lancashire, Old Trafford, 7th-10th August, and v Gentlemen of England, Lord's, 25th-27th August, Bradman's last match at Lord's (2). Incomplete printed and/ or handwritten scores. Qty 8. Odd faults, overall in good condition
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 730:
Lot 730
Australia tours to England 1953-2015. Thirty two official scorecards for Australia Test and tour matches in England. Test match scorecards include England v Australia, Lord's 1956, Headingley 1961 and 1964 (2), Old Trafford 1961 etc. Tour matches include v Middlesex, Lord's July 1953 (with file holes), v Gentlemen of England, Lord's August 1953, v Surrey, The Oval, May 1956 (2 copies), v Worcestershire, Worcester, April 1961, v Surrey, The Oval, May 1961, v Middlesex, Lord's, July 1961, v Gentlemen of England, Lord's, August 1961, v Surrey, The Oval, May 1964, v Middlesex, Lord's July 1964, v M.C.C. President's XI, Lord's, August 1964 etc. Incomplete printed and/ or handwritten scores. Odd duplication. G
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 731:
Lot 731 Lot 731
New Zealand inaugural tour to England 1927. Selection of seven original official scorecards covering the 1927 tour. The scorecards are all printed, the majority with complete scores. Scorecards are for matches played v Club Cricket Conference, Ealing 2nd-3rd June, v Northamptonshire, Kettering 11th-14th June, v Durham, Chester-le-Street 18th-20th June, v Northumberland, Newcastle 22nd-23rd July, v Scottish Counties, Broughty Ferry 27th-28th June, v East of England, Wisbech 9th-12th July and v Cumberland, Whitehaven 20th-22nd August. All scorecards in very good to excellent condition
Estimate: £40/60
No Test matches were played but, of the twenty six first class matches on the tour, New Zealand defeated Sussex, Worcestershire, Glamorgan, Somerset and Derbyshire and drew a good number. On the strength of this they were accorded Test status and played their first Test match, against England, in January 1930
Lot 732:
Lot 732
New Zealand tours to England 1949-2004. Eighteen official scorecards for New Zealand Test and tour matches in England. England v New Zealand Test scorecards are Headingley 1949, Old Trafford 1949 (5 copies), Trent Bridge 1973, 1983 (2), 1990 (2), Lord's 1973, 2004. Tour match scorecards are v Surrey, The Oval, May 1949, June 1949 (2 copies), v M.C.C., Lord's, May 1949, May 1958. Incomplete printed and/ or handwritten scores. Odd minor faults, overall in good condition
Estimate: £15/25
Lot 733:
Lot 733 Lot 733 Lot 733
The Oval 1921. A selection of eighteen official scorecards in a black file for County, tour and other matches played at The Oval in 1921. The scorecards incomplete with handwritten and/ or printed scores. Surrey matches include v Australians (two matches, 7th-10th May and 18th-21st June), Surrey Trial match 30th April, Surrey v Royal Military College 11th June, Surrey 2nd XI v Staffordshire 13th July, County Championship matches v Essex, v Northamptonshire, v Hampshire, v Sussex (two copies), and v Lancashire in which Douglas Jardine made his County Championship debut. Others are Gentlemen v Players 29th June (two copies), Household Brigade v I Zingari 15th July, and Champion County (Middlesex) v Rest of England 12th September (four copies). Odd faults, generally good condition
Estimate: £70/100
Lot 734:
Lot 734
West Indies tours to England 1933-1995. Seventeen official scorecards for Test and tours matches for the period. Tour matches are West Indies v Club Cricket Conference, Private Banks Cricket Club Ground, Catford May 1933, v Middlesex, Lord's June 1939, v Yorkshire, Bradford May 1950, v Surrey, The Oval May 1950 and August 1950, v M.C.C., Lord's 1957, v Middlesex, July 1957, v Middlesex July 1963 (two copies). England v West Indies Test matches are Old Trafford 1950, Lord's 1950, Trent Bridge 1950, Headingley 1957, Old Trafford 1963, Headingley 1981, and The Oval 1995 (2). Incomplete printed and/ or handwritten scores. Odd faults to some, generally in good condition
Estimate: £30/40
Lot 735:
Lot 735
South Africa tours to England 1947-2003. Fourteen official scorecards for South Africa Test and tour matches in England. Includes scorecards from each of the five Test matches in the 1947 series, matches played at Trent Bridge, Lord's, Old Trafford (6 copies), Headingley (2), and The Oval, also the 2003 Lord's Test. Tour match scorecards are v M.C.C., Lord's, May 1947, and v Middlesex, Lord's 1965. Incomplete printed and/ or handwritten scores. Odd minor faults, overall in good condition
Estimate: £15/25
Lot 736:
Lot 736
'Lord's Centenary 1814-1914'. Large original commemorative printed scorecard for the Centenary in 1914. The scorecard is headed 'Lord's Cricket Ground Centenary 1814-1914. M.C.C. South African Team v The Rest. June 22nd 1914'. With colour decorative border, depicting Lord's cricket ground through the ages and scorecard to centre. Colours bright. 9.75"x12". Printed by Tom Browne & Co (Nottm) Limited. Excellent decorative images. Sold with an official commemorative scorecard with red decorative borders for Gentlemen v Players, Lord's, 12th-14th July 1897. Slight ageing, minor corner wear otherwise in good condition. Qty 2
Estimate: £50/70
Lot 737:
Lot 737 Lot 737
'Young Amateurs v Young Professionals' 1933 and 1934. Two official silk scorecards for the matches played at Lord's 11th-12th August 1933 and 10th-11th August 1934. In the drawn 1933 match, for the Young Amateurs Eadon had match bowling figures of 13-150. In the 1934 match, which the Young Professionals won by 88 runs, Putner scored 126 in their second innings. Framed 9"x11" and 6.75"x11" respectively. The scorecards in good condition
Estimate: £30/50
Wilfred Myles Eadon played only one first-class match, for Oxford University in 1934. Frank William Putner played eleven first-class matches for Middlesex 1933-1934
Lot 738:
Lot 738
Cricket scorecards with tickets. England v South Africa 1951 & 1955. Two official scorecards for the 1951 Test played at Lords plus five tickets. Sold with official scorecard for the 1955 Test played at Lords plus two tickets. Sold with England v West Indies. Two official scorecards for the 1950 Test played at Lords plus one ticket, official scorecards for the 1950 and 1957 Tests played at the Oval. Plus two official scorecards for the England v Pakistan Test match played at the Oval 1954 plus one ticket and an original ticket for the England v India Test match at the Oval 1952. Odd faults, generally good condition
Estimate: £25/35
Lot 739:
Lot 739 Lot 739
Bombay Pentangular Cricket Tournament 1946. Official scorecard for the semi-final match, Europeans v Hindus, Bombay, 12th-14th January 1946. Incomplete printed and handwritten scores. Wear and ageing with small tears to one edge and spitting to fold
Estimate: £30/50
Hindus won by an innings and one run. The Europeans were represented by the English players, Lyon, Compton, Simpson etc
Lot 740:
Lot 740 Lot 740
Test, tour and representative match scorecards 1904-1988. Twenty official scorecards for the period. Matches are Gentlemen v Players, Lord's 1904 and Scarborough 1947, North v South, Scarborough 1947, H.D.G. Leveson Gower's XI v S.A. Outgoing XI, Scarborough 1948, M.C.C. v West Indies, Lord's 1950, T.N. Pearce's XI v Pakistan, Scarborough 1954 (signed by Ted Lester), Surrey v Sussex, The Oval 1955, Australia v West Indies, World Cup Final, Lord's 1975. Test match scorecards are England v South Africa, Lord's 1929 (two copies), 1951 (2), 1960, 1965 (2), v West Indies, The Oval 1957, Trent Bridge 1957, Edgbaston 1963, v India, The Oval 1971, Headingley 1974, v Sri Lanka, Lord's 1988. Printed and handwritten scores, some complete. Odd minor faults, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 741:
Lot 741
Kent v England 1841. Original early scorecard/ handbill for the 'Grand Cricket Match between Mary-le-bone Club and Ground, and the Northern Counties, at Lord's Ground, London, Monday and Tuesday, June 20, and 21, 1841[actually 1842]'. Fully printed scorecard. M.C.C. made 74 in their first innings, Hillyer top scoring with 18, Redgate and Barker taking five wickets each. In reply North made 57 with Good making 21, Hillyer and Bayley taking six and four wickets respectively. In the M.C.C. second innings they made 87, Anson 20, Pilch 18no, Redgate four wickets, Barker five. Northern Counties were then bowled out for 61, Barker scoring 24, Hilley four wickets, Bayley six. The full team for M.C.C. comprised, Anson, Garth, Kynaston, Nicholson, Pickering, Taylor, F.G.B. Ponsonby, Pilch, Hawkins, Hillyer and Bayley. For Northern Counties, Kettle (Staffordshire), Mundy (Derbyshire), Noyes, Good, Guy, Cresswell, S. Redgate (Nottinghamshire), Thackeray (Cambridgeshire), Garratt (Lincolnshire) and Sampson (Yorkshire). Printed by J. Plant of Nottingham. A rare item. Framed and glazed, overall 9"x12". Light folds, odd nicks and small holes. otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £250/350
Lot 742:
Lot 742 Lot 742
Surrey v Yorkshire 1921 and 1926. Two official scorecards for matches played at The Oval, 20th-23rd August 1921 and 21st-24th August 1926. Both scorecards with printed and/or handwritten scores. Horizontal crease to the 1921 scorecard, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £25/35
Both matches were drawn. In the 1921 match the top scorer was Oldroyd (144) in Yorkshire's only innings. In the 1926 match, Hobbs made 102 in Surrey's only innings and Yorkshire's openers ended the second innings undefeated with Holmes making 127no and Sutcliffe 131no
Lot 743:
Lot 743
Middlesex v Warwickshire. Lord's, 16th-18th June 1913. Official scorecard with incomplete printed scores showing the Middlesex innings in progress with Tarrant 104, Warner 100, Robertson 96 and Hendren 69. Middlesex won by an innings and 91 runs. Lord's fixtures for the 1913 season printed to verso. VG
Estimate: £20/30
Lot 744:
Lot 744
Kent v Sussex, Angel Ground, Tonbridge 16th-18th June 1926. Official scorecard with incomplete handwritten scores. The match was drawn, Wright taking six wickets for Kent in Sussex's first innings. Advertising to verso. Vertical fold, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £15/25
Lot 745:
Lot 745
England v Australia 1944 and 1945. Two official scorecards for wartime matches played at Lord's. Both scorecards with complete printed scores. Matches are England XI v Royal Australian Air Force, 29th May 1944, one day match, England won by six wickets, and England v Australian Services, 19th-22nd May 1945, Australian Services won by six wickets. Slight creasing and nicks to the 1944 scorecard, otherwise in good/ very good condition
Estimate: £20/30
Lot 746:
Lot 746
Yorkshire C.C.C. 1929-1983. Fifteen official scorecards for matches played by Yorkshire, and representative matches at Yorkshire grounds. Representative matches include M.C.C. & Ground v Yorkshire, Scarborough, September 1929, Surrey v Yorkshire Challenge Match, The Oval, September 1937, H.D.G. Leveson Gower's XI v New Zealanders, Scarborough, September 1949, Gentlemen v Players, Scarborough, September 1951 (2 copies), Champion County (Hampshire) v Runner Up (Yorkshire), Scarborough, September 1961 (signed by Doug Padgett), Yorkshire v M.C.C., Scarborough, August 1963 (signed by Doug Padgett and Brian Bolus) etc. County Championships matches include v Middlesex, Headingley, July 1950, v Worcestershire, Bradford, May 1952, v Lancashire, Old Trafford, July 1954 and August 1958, v Worcestershire, Worcester, May 1964 etc. Incomplete printed and/ or handwritten scores. G
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 747:
Lot 747
India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka scorecards 1952-2016. Test match scorecards are England v India, Edgbaston 1996, England v Pakistan, Lord's 1974, 1987, Old Trafford 1987, Edgbaston 1992, England v Sri Lanka, The Oval 1998. One day internationals for England v Pakistan, Trent Bridge 2016 (4 copies), v Sri Lanka, Trent Bridge 2016 (3). India tour match scorecards include v M.C.C., Lord's, May 1952 and May 1959. v Nottinghamshire, Trent Bridge, August 1979 (2 copies), v Leicestershire, Leicester, June 2002. Pakistan tour matches include v M.C.C., Lord's, May 1954, v Nottinghamshire, Trent Bridge, June 1992, v Hampshire, Southampton, June 1992. Incomplete printed and/ or handwritten scores. Qty 22. G/VG
Estimate: £20/30
Lot 748:
Lot 748
Middlesex v Sussex Benefit Matches 1935-1963. Ten official scorecards for benefit matches for Middlesex players played at Lord's for Patsy Hendren 1935, Denis Compton 1949, Jack Young 1952 (two copies), Syd Brown 1953, Leslie Compton 1954, Alec Thompson and Harry Sharp (joint) 1955, Denis Compton Testimonial 1957 (two copies, one signed by Jim Murray), and Fred Titmus 1963. Incomplete printed and/ or handwritten scores. Odd minor faults, overall in good/ very good condition
Estimate: £15/25
Lot 749:
Lot 749
Wartime and post-war scorecards. Six official scorecards for Nottinghamshire v Royal Air Force, Trent Bridge, July 1940 (ex Reg Simpson collection), Army v Royal Air Force, Lord's, July 1943, Somerset v Gloucestershire, Taunton, June 1946, Lancashire v Essex, Old Trafford, August 1946, Surrey v Middlesex, The Oval, August 1947, and Middlesex v Gloucestershire, Lord's, June 1948. Incomplete printed and/ or handwritten scores. Odd minor faults, overall in good condition
Estimate: £15/25
Lot 750:
Lot 750
Cricket scorecards 1932-1961. Eleven official scorecards for North v South Trial Match, Old Trafford, June 1932, Surrey v Middlesex, The Oval, August 1932, Gentlemen v Players, Lord's, July 1936, July 1954 and July 1961, Middlesex v Somerset, Lord's, August 1937, Middlesex v Hampshire, Lord's, May 1953, Oxford v Cambridge, Lord's, July 1953, Surrey v Worcestershire, The Oval, August 1954, M.C.C. v Surrey, Lord's May 1956, Surrey v Middlesex, The Oval, August 1958. Incomplete printed and/ or handwritten scores. Sold with an original flyer for Gentlemen v Players, Lord's 1951 depicting cricket scenes from 1451 to 1851. Qty 12. Odd minor faults, overall in good condition
Estimate: £15/25
Lot 751:
Lot 751 Lot 751
Surrey v Lancashire 1956. Official decorative silk scorecard produced to commemorate the match played at the Kennington Oval, 29th-31st August 1956. The larger format scorecard with printed heading to top and match details below. Scorecard printed by Surrey C.C.C. Printing Dept. Very good condition. Sold with an official menu 'Surrey C.C.C. County Champions 1952'. Official menu for the 'Championship Dinner' held at the Cafe Royal, 3rd December 1952. The menu with silver Surrey emblem to front cover and brown ribbon tie. Toast list and menu to inside pages with printed list of players who played for Surrey in the 1952 season, and a mono team photograph laid down to centre pages. Minor age toning, good. Qty 2
Estimate: £40/60
The match was abandoned after Surrey were bowled out for 96 with Tattersall taking 6-32 for Lancashire in the first innings, winning the County Championship for Surrey
Lot 752:
Lot 752
Bicentenary Match. M.C.C. v Rest of the World 1987. Official scorecard for the match played at Lord's, 20th-25th August 1987. The scorecard with complete printed scores is nicely signed in ink by twelve players including Gatting, Gooch, Edmonds, Marshall, Gower, Rice, French, Broad, Gavaskar, M. Crowe etc. VG
Estimate: £40/60
The match ended in a draw. Gooch (117), Gatting (119) and Greenidge (122) scored centuries for M.C.C., with Gavaskar top scorer in the match with 188 for Rest of the World
Lot 753:
Lot 753
Essex C.C.C. 1948-1960. Eight official scorecards for Essex home matches, each played at a different ground. Scorecards are Essex v Leicestershire, Westcliff-on-Sea, 3rd-6th July 1948, v Nottinghamshire, Brentwood, 8th-10th June 1949, v Worcestershire, Southend, 4th-6th August 1951, v Leicestershire, Ilford, 12th-15th May 1956, v Middlesex, Leyton, 31st July- 2nd August 1957, v Lancashire, Chelmsford, 29th August- 1st September 1959, v Warwickshire, Clacton-on-Sea, 22nd-25th August 1959, and v Hampshire, Romford, 1st-3rd June 1960. The majority incomplete with printed and/ or handwritten scores. G
Estimate: £25/35
Lot 754:
Lot 754
Kent C.C.C. 1954-1957. Nine official scorecards for Kent home matches, each played at a different ground. Scorecards are Kent v Leicestershire, Gillingham, 22nd-25th May 1954, v Gloucestershire, Beckenham, 9th-11th June 1954, v Essex, 3rd-6th July 1954, v Essex, Dartford, 16th-18th May 1956, v Derbyshire, Gravesend, 30th May- 1st June 1956, v Sussex, Tunbridge Wells, 23rd-26th June 1956, v Middlesex, Maidstone, 18th-20th July 1956, v Lancashire, Canterbury, 8th-10th August 1956, and v Worcestershire, Folkestone, 10th-12th July 1957. All scorecards with complete printed scored. G/VG
Estimate: £25/35
The match played at the Lloyds Bank Ground at Beckenham in 1954 was the first time the ground had been used for a first-class match. It wasn't used again until 2004
Lot 755:
Lot 755
Yorkshire v Kent, Royal Visit, Harrogate 1991. Large official limited edition commemorative scorecard for the match which was attended by The Duchess of Kent with colour photographs of the two teams, special first day cover and signatures of both teams, the Yorkshire and Kent Presidents and Yorkshire Chief Executive. Signatures include Moxon, Gough, Byas, Carrick, Cowdrey, Igglesdon, Fleming, Benson, Ellison, Marsh etc. Limited edition 31/50 produced. Framed and glazed, overall 21.5"x17.5". G/VG
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 756:
Lot 756
South Africa tour to England 1998. Official scorecard for the tour match at Durham, 14th-16th July 1998. Signed by seventeen members of the touring party. Signatures include Cronje (Captain), Liebenberg, McMillan, Pollock, Boucher, Rhodes, Elworthy etc. VG
Estimate: £30/40
Lot 757:
Lot 757
Cricket World Cup Final 1999. Australia v Pakistan. Official scorecard for the Final played at Lord's 20th June 1999, signed by all fifteen members of the Pakistan World Cup squad and three members of the Australian team. Pakistan signatures include Wasim Akram, Moin Khan, Saleem Malik, Waqar Younis, Inzamam-ul-Haq, Shoaib Akhtar, Ijaz Ahmed etc. Australians are Tom Moody, Steve Waugh and Shane Lee. Sold with an unsigned copy of the scorecard, with an official programme and match ticket for the final. VG
Estimate: £30/50
Australia beat Pakistan by eight wickets to win the World Cup for the second time. Pakistan were bowled out for 132, man of the match Shane Warne taking four wickets
Lot 758:
Lot 758
Arthur Shrewsbury. Nottinghamshire & England 1875-1902. 'Leading Batsman. First Class Averages, 1887'. Printed card/sheet detailing 'The eight leading batsmen' and below 'Notts Batting Averages 1887'. Shrewsbury tops both tables. His first class average being 78.15, from 23 matches played, 1653 runs scored and a highest score of 267, W.G. Grace is second with an average of 54.10. His Nottinghamshire average reads fourteen matches played, 1388 runs scored, highest score 267 and an average of 77.2. William Gunn is second with an average of 42.1. The 'Averages' page was bought in the Christie's auction of June 1995 and it came by direct descent form Arthur Shrewsbury (labels to back of frame). Mounted with titles, framed and glazed. Overall 10"x13". Very good condition
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 759:
Lot 759 Lot 759 Lot 759
'Kilburn Cricket Club [London]. Minute Book 1835-1840'. Brown full leather minute book with title in gilt to front board. This book appears to start from the founding of the club and includes the minutes of the formation of the club, general meetings, committee meetings etc for the six year period. To the back of the book are the full handwritten scores, showing each innings played, of the first fifteen matches played by the club. Matches against St. Georges' Club, Royal Victoria Club (two matches) in 1835, against The Regent Club (two matches), The Montpelier Club (two matches), The Ravenscourt Club in 1836, against Mr Williams' Friends in 1837, 'Married v Single' (two matches), New East Surrey Club (two matches), The St. Georges Club in 1838 and against 'The Medical Students of the University College' (three matches) in 1839. Beautifully compiled pages. The binding of the book is worn and the spine has broken, original blue end papers and colourful marbled page block edge. The book appears to have had the first two pages removed and start mid sentence, there are also a considerable amount of pages removed prior to the fifteenth match being recovered. An early insight to the formation of this club in London
Estimate: £70/100
Lot 760:
Lot 760 Lot 760
Winchester College 1868. 'E.J. Page's (late F. Lillywhite's) Registered Score Book which appears to be the official scorebook with detailed handwritten scores of games for 1868 involving Wykehamists and Winchester College v M.C.C. & Ground v New College Oxford, v Harlequins, v Eton College etc. All games played at Winchester. Includes several first class players including Lord G.R.C. Harris (Kent), Longman (Hampshire), Rodger (Kent), C.I. Thornton (Kent), Ottaway (Kent), Higgins Hay (Leicestershire), Turnour (Sussex), Birley (Lancashire & Surrey), Eccles (Hampshire), Willes (Kent) etc. Nicely compiled scorebook, some pages left empty. Good condition
Estimate: £70/100
Lot 761:
Lot 761 Lot 761 Lot 761 Lot 761 Lot 761
Australian tour of England 1921. An original presentation scorebook for the Australian tour of England, recorded and compiled by W.H. 'Bill' Ferguson, the Australian official scorer for the tour. The scorebook half bound in black leather with blue cloth boards with gilt title and decoration to front board 'The Australian Cricket Tour 1921'. The scorebook begins with a copper plate hand written dedication 'To Peter Dawson Esq, in grateful remembrance and in deep appreciation of the many kindnesses extended to the members of the XV Australian Cricket Tour 1921', the following page has an original sepia postcard size photograph of the Australian touring party including the manager, Sydney Smith, seated and standing, in front of a pavilion with crowd behind. Signed around the image in black ink by the players, signatures are Warwick Armstrong (Cpt) (signed to the image), Mailey, Carter, Collins, Oldfield, Macartney, Taylor, Pellew (who has signed twice), Hendry, McDonald, Gregory, Bardsley, Ryder, Mayne and Sydney Smith, lacking the signature of Andrews from the full touring party. The scorebook covers all thirty nine matches played on the tour beginning with the tour match at Leicestershire, L. Robinson's XI (Old Buckenham, Norfolk), Surrey, Yorkshire, The Services, Essex, M.C.C., Oxford University, England (1st Test, Trent Bridge), Cambridge University, Middlesex, Gloucestershire, England (2nd Test, Lord's), Hampshire, Surrey, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Warwickshire, England (3rd Test, Headingley), Lancashire, West of Scotland, Scotland, Perthshire, Scotland (Edinburgh), Durham County, Yorkshire, England (4th Test, Old Trafford), Essex, Glamorganshire, Lancashire, Warwickshire, Kent, England (5th Test), The Oval), Gloucestershire, Somerset, England XI (Eastbourne), Sussex, South of England (Hastings), C.I. Thornton's XI (Scarborough) and v Cumberland XI (Whitehaven). Each match is beautifully recorded in ink in Ferguson's distinctive hand. Full details for each match include the batsmen's individual number of minutes batted, bowling analyses, extras, time of innings, fall of wickets and result of each match. In addition, there are brief notes on the weather conditions, who won the toss, the names of the umpires and scorers and other observations i.e. 'Prince of Wales lunched with the team (v Surrey May 7-10th), 'Prince of Wales visited the match' (v Gloucestershire, June 8-10th) etc. The vendor's grandfather was Alfred Jeacocke who played for Surrey and M.C.C. from 1920-1934 and he somehow acquired the scorebook and it has remained with the family until now. Jeacocke during his first class playing career worked in his family's business in Smithfield Market each day before cricket, rising to start work at 3am and continuing until play was due to start in any match in which he played. The vendors parents moved from South London to Manchester when he was only four but managed to maintain contact until he passed away in 1961. Alfred Jeacocke features in the scorebook playing for Surrey against the Australians. The vendor recalls that his Grandfathers house featured a room filled with Wisdens dating back to the 19th century, Surrey handbooks, cricket bats and equipment. The scorebook, a 'Library Cricket Score Book' was published by Walter S. MacKenzie, Athletic Good of Edinburgh, appears to have been rebound at some point in the past. A unique record of this Australian 1921 tour and 100 years since Ferguson compiled the scorebook. Good/very good condition
Estimate: £4000/6000
Australia won the Test Series 3-0 with two Tests drawn. Warwick Armstrong again, topped the bowling averages with 100 wickets on tour at 14.44, Ted McDonald took 138 wickets at 16.55. Charlie Macartney had a very successful tour topping the batting averages scoring 2317 runs at 59.41 with a highest score of 345 made in a single day against Nottinghamshire at Trent Bridge in June 1921, the Australians winning the match by an innings and 517 runs, Warren Bardsley also averaged over fifty with 2005 runs at 54.18 Australia played 38 matches, winning 22, drawing 14 and lost, just twice.

The recipient of the scorebook, Peter Dawson, we presume, is the well-known Glaswegian whisky distiller and entrepreneur who during the Australian tour of England 1909 invited the team on a fourteen day motor tour through Scotland as his guests, the team included Warwick Armstrong. The 1921 tour was Armstrong's swan song in first-class cricket. On the journey back to Australia, he suffered a relapse of the malaria that had plagued him since his earlier visit to Malaya. This kept him from taking part in any of the matches in South Africa, allowing Herbie Collins to captain Australia for the first time. Armstrong resigned from his job with Melbourne Cricket Club and drawing on contacts he had made while on tour took a role as an agent for Dawson's Scotch Whisky. He remained in the liquor trade until his retirement in 1946.

As a footnote and reflection of Dawson's showmanship as well as the export potential of his whiskies, cases of Peter Dawson Special and Old Curio blended whiskies were on board the S.S. Politician when she ran aground off the Hebridean island of Eriskay in 1941. That event and those of the following days inspired Sir Compton Mackenzie's tale, Whisky Galore!.

Quote from Bill Ferguson's autobiography 'Mr Cricket' 1957. Page 56 'I made a study of cricket scoring because I was in the unique position of having to earn a living at it. I use a score book of my own design, a book which contains at least twice as much information as any other in the world and, at the conclusion of each day's play, I copy all the important figures into a more orthodox book which is kept as the official record of the tour. Very jealous of the secrets contained in my own book, I have resisted many attempts by managers, skippers and players to commandeer it'.

Over the years, Knights Auctioneers have now sold four scorebooks compiled by 'Bill' Ferguson, the Australian tours of England in 1912, 1921 and 1930 and the M.C.C. tour of Australia in 1936/37...
Lot 762:
Lot 762 Lot 762
Australian tour of England 1948. 'Scotland v Australia'. Rare official souvenir brochure/ programme for the Scotland v Australia tour match played at Mannofield, Aberdeen on 17th-18th September 1948 plus scorecard with handwritten scores. Excellent pictorial covers featuring Bradman to front cover. Double page picture of the Australian team with facsimile signatures to centre pages. This was Bradman's last match in the UK. Light foxing and ageing to covers otherwise in good/ very good condition
Estimate: £150/250
In Bradman's last match on British soil he made 123no in Australia's only innings, leading them to victory by an innings and 87 runs
Lot 763:
Lot 763
Tour brochures 1921-1985. A selection of official and unofficial souvenir tour brochures/ booklets. Titles are 'Test Match Souvenir' edited by H.J. Henley 1921. 'All About the Australians', Daily Mirror 1926, 'Cricket 1926', Barton & Co., London. 'Souvenir of Australian Cricket Tour 1930', Barton Pictorial, London. 'The Ashes. The Australians Are Here! 1938', England-Australia Cricket Tour Publishing Co., London. 'Champagne Cricket. The Australian Tour of 1966/67', The Star. 'Cricket Book. M.C.C. Tour of Australia 1970-71', New South Wales Cricket Association. '1972 Cricket Spotlight. Australian Tour Souvenir', Counties and Youth Cricket Association. 'Aussies in South Africa 1985-7 [sic]', South African Cricket Union. Some faults, generally in good condition. Qty 9
Estimate: £50/80
Lot 764:
Lot 764
Australian tour guides and programmes 1936/37-1970/71. 'The Argus and The Australasian Cricket Guide Test Tour 1936-7', Percy Taylor, Melbourne. 'The Tests 1950-51', printed by Hunkin, Ellis & King, Adelaide. 'Sporting Life Cricket Book. England v Australia Tests 1950-51', Sydney. Official programmes for the first Test, Australia v England, Brisbane, 27th November- 2nd December 1970, and 'M.C.C. Tour of Australia 1970-71' published by the New South Wales Cricket Association. Qty 5. Odd faults, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £30/40
Lot 765:
Lot 765
Australian tours to England brochures and booklets 1930-1980. Eleven unofficial/ pirate tour guides. Titles are 'Souvenir of Australian Cricket Tour 1930', Barton Pictorial, London. 'In Quest of the Ashes 1934. The Don Bradman Souvenir Booklet and Scoring Records', Wrigley's (A'sia) Ltd. 'Bradman 1927-1941', E.L. Roberts, Birmingham 1934. 'Australian Tour. Coronation Year 1953', Hammond News & Features Agency, London. 'Quest of the Ashes 1956', Wrigley's Chewing Gum. 'Australia Souvenir Tour Programme 1956', M. Walker, London, with official scorecard and match ticket for the Lord's Test. 'The Fight for the Ashes in 1961', Flagstaff Press. 'Rothmans Test Cricket Almanack. England v Australia 1964'. 'Australia 1968 Test Tour', publisher unknown. 'The Jubilee Test Series 1977', Neil Phillipson, Pelham Books. 'Cornhill Centenary Test 1980', Tony Gill, Garuda Indonesian Airways. Faults to some issues, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £60/90
Lot 766:
Lot 766
'Bodyline'. 'International Cricket. England v Australia. Souvenir of Visit of M.C.C. Team'. Official programme for the third Test, Adelaide, 13th-19th January 1933. Heavy wear and old tape repairs to the original wrappers, internally good. Sold with three further tour brochures published in Australia. 'The Australians in England 1934' published by Advertiser Newspapers, Adelaide. Lacking original wrappers. 'In Quest of the Ashes 1934. The Don Bradman Souvenir Booklet and Scoring Records', Wrigley's (A'sia) Ltd. 'The Sporting Globe Cricket Book 1936-7', E.H.M. Baillie ("Bail"), published by Edgar H. Baillie, Melbourne. Good condition except where stated
Estimate: £50/70
Lot 767:
Lot 767
The Ashes 1938. Three tour brochures/ booklets for the Australia tour to England. 'The Jim Russell Cricket Book of the 1938 Australian XI'. Small booklet with pictorial brown wrappers with caricatures of each of the Australian players plus itinerary of the tour and players biographies. Official 'Australian XI English Tour 1938' souvenir brochure for the tour issued by 'Orient Line R.M.S. Orontes 20,000 tons'. 'The Ashes. The Australians are here!' Pictorial covers. G
Estimate: £50/80
Lot 768:
Lot 768
Australia tours to England 1948 and 1964. P&O souvenir booklets. Two souvenir booklets for the Australia tours to England 1948 and 1964, both printed in Sydney. VG
Estimate: £50/70
Lot 769:
Lot 769
A.B.C. Cricket Book for the M.C.C. tours to Australia 1946/47, 1962/63 and 1970/71, South Africa tour to Australia 1963/64, Australian tour to England 1964 and to West Indies 1965. Published by the Australian Broadcasting Commission. Qty 6. Slight wear, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £50/80
Lot 770:
Lot 770
Australia tour to England 1948. Six brochures/ booklets produced for the Australian tour of England in 1948. 'The Ashes' Neville Cardus, Sporting Record. 'Cricket Stars Past, Present, Future', No. 1, Fore Publications, London. 'Souvenir of Australia's 1948 Test Team', Britannia Press, Manchester. 'Cricket 1948. The Australian Tour', A.W. Simpson, with official match ticket for the Lord's Test slipped in. 'Australia's Test Cricketers', Grant Hughes, London. 'Australia Wins. The Illustrated story of the 1948 Tests'. Listener in Cricket Book. No.2, Rohan Rivett. Generally good condition
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 771:
Lot 771 Lot 771
Tour brochures 1930 onwards. Small box comprising a good selection of tour brochures/ booklets, cricket magazines, annuals, programmes etc. Official and unofficial tour brochures include 'Official Souvenir Authorised by the Board of Control for Cricket in Ceylon' for the 1965/66 M.C.C. tour to Australia, R.B. Wijesinha. Other tours covered include Australia to England 1930, 1993, M.C.C./ England to South Africa 1964/56, India 1981/82, New Zealand to England 1937, Pakistan to India 1960/61, South Africa to England 1935 (bound in marbled cloth boards), West Indies to England 1963 etc. Other publications include 'England v New Zealand 1902-1949', S. Canynge Capel, Falmouth 1949, signed and dated by the author. Qty 36 G
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 772:
Lot 772 Lot 772
England XI v Rest of the World XI 1988. Official programme for two one day matches played at Northumberland County Cricket Ground, Jesmond, 28th-29th July 1988. The programme nicely signed in ink to the pen pictures by all twenty five players and match officials. England signatures are Gooch (Captain), Fairbrother, Small, Smith, Moxon, Willey, Foster, Defreitas, Bairstow, Underwood, Bailey and Capel. Rest of the World signatures are Imran Khan (Captain), Lillee, Border, Salim Malik, S. Waugh, Mudassar Nazar, Lawson, Javed Miandad, Jones, Maninder Singh and Corby. VG
Estimate: £30/40
The match scheduled for 28th July was abandoned without a ball being bowled. The following day, England won by 2 runs
Lot 773:
Lot 773
Australia 1926. 'Cricket 1926'. Official pre tour brochure with pictures of the Australian team, thirty leading English cricketers and the Test grounds. Pub by Barton & Co, London 1926. Bound in green boards with gilt titles, good condition
Estimate: £20/30
Lot 774:
Lot 774
Kippax-Oldfield Testimonial Match' 1949. Official souvenir programme for A.L. Hassett's team v A.R. Morris' team played at Sydney Cricket Ground, 25th February- 1st March 1949. The programme loose mounted to sheet with a signature in ink of Kippax on piece laid down below. Light creasing to the programme, otherwise
Estimate: £30/40
This was Bradman's penultimate first class match
Lot 775:
Lot 775
M.C.C. tours 1894-1908. A selection of eight limited edition reprints of M.C.C. tour brochures/ booklets etc. Titles are 'Souvenir of Stoddart's English Cricket Team 1894/95'. 'Souvenir of the visit of the M.C.C. Team of English Cricketers 1903', limited edition no. 27/50. 'Official Souvenir of the visit of the M.C.C. English Team to Tasmania 1904'. 'Souvenir Scoring Card for the Australia v England Test match, Melbourne 1908'. 'Cricket Guide to the fourth Test Match. England v Australia, Melbourne 1908' and 'Handy Cricket Scorecard (for the same match)'. 'Australian Cricketers 1899' colour trade card. 'Victor Trumper Testimonial Match Souvenir Scoring Card 1913'. VG
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 776:
Lot 776 Lot 776
'Commonwealth Cricketers' Tour of India 1950-51'. Souvenir tour booklet published by Sport & Pastime, Madras, 1950. Some match results/ statistics annotated to fixture list pages and inside back cover. Rusting to staples, otherwise in good/ very good condition. Sold with an official scorecard for the 'fourth Test', Commonwealth XI v All India XI, Madras, 19th-23rd January 1951. Complete printed scores. VG
Estimate: £30/40
Lot 777:
Lot 777
India tours to England 1936-1959. Four official tour booklets for India tours. 'All India Tour of England 1936', A.W. Simpson, Canterbury. 'All India Cricket Tour of England 1946', A.W. Simpson, published by I.M. Young. 'Cricketers from India 1959', Gordon Ross, Playfair (two copies). Odd minor faults, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £30/40
Lot 778:
Lot 778
New Zealand tour brochures 1931-1949. Four official and unofficial tour brochures. Titles are 'N.Z. v England 1931', published by Angus Thomas, London. 'New Zealand Cricket Tourists Annual 1937', A.W. Simpson, The Cheriton Press, Folkestone. 'England's Test Players 1949', published by Grant Hughes, London. 'The Story of Test Cricket. England v New Zealand', C. Day & M. Mason, Keydon Publishing, London 1949. Odd minor faults, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £25/35
Lot 779:
Lot 779
West Indies tour brochures 1933-1984. Six official tour guides. Titles are 'West Indies Cricket Tour of England 1933', A.W. Simpson, Nottingham. 'West Indies Cricket Tour 1939', A.W. Simpson, Kent Newspapers, Folkestone. 'Cricketers from the West Indies. The 1957 Tour', Gordon Ross, Playfair. 'Cricketers from the West Indies. The 1957 Tour', Gordon Ross, P. Dickens. 'Calypso Cavaliers. West Indian Cricketers in South Africa 1983', Brian Cowley, Ibbotson, Cape Town. 'Calypso Whirlwind 1983/84', Brian Crowley, South African Cricket Union. G
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 780:
Lot 780
South Africa tour brochures 1935-1987. Four official and one unofficial tour brochures. Titles are 'South African Cricket Tour 1935', A.W. Simpson, Day-by-Day Publishing, Folkestone. 'South African Cricket Tour 1951', A.W. Simpson, L.M. Young. 'The 1965 Tourists', Gordon Ross, Playfair (two copies). 'Seven Tests. An Album of the "Tests" between South Africa and the Australians 1985-87', Chris Harte, Adelaide 1988. 'Aussies in South Africa. S.A. Tour 1985-7 [sic]', Colin Bryden, South African Cricket Union. Qty 5. Some faults to the 1935 issue, others in good condition
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 781:
Lot 781
England Test and One Day International programmes and tour guides 1985-2019. A collection of over two hundred and thirty official match programmes and tour guides. Includes England home Test matches 1985-2018, one day internationals 1991-2017, Cricket World Cup 2019 group stage, and Australia v Pakistan series 2010. A number of programmes are signed to the front covers. Signatures include Michael Vaughan (Qty 13), Matthew Hoggard (4), Andrew Flintoff (5), Ashley Giles (5), Andrew Strauss (3), Graham Thorpe (2), Simon Jones (3), and Steve Harmison. Some duplication. VG
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 782:
Lot 782
Cricketers playing football. Corinthian Casuals 1952/53-1961/62. Six official match programmes for Corinthian Casuals away matches in which notable cricketers took part. Cricketers featured are Hubert Doggart (Sussex & England), Doug Insole (Essex & England), Guy Shuttleworth (Cambridge University), and Mike Willett (Surrey). Odd faults, nicks, tears etc. otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £25/35
Lot 783:
Lot 783 Lot 783
Hampshire C.C.C. Benson & Hedges Cup Winners 1988. Official programme for the final, Derbyshire v Hampshire, Lord's 9th July 1988. Signed to the player pen portraits by the eleven members of the Derbyshire team, and all twelve Hampshire players. Hampshire signatures are Nicholas (Captain), Andrew, Ayling, Connor, Cowley, James, Jefferies, Parks, C. Smith, R. Smith, Terry and Turner. Derbyshire signatures are Barnett (Captain), Bowler, Goldsmith, Holding, Maher, Malcolm, Morris, Mortensen, Newman, Roberts and Warner. VG
Estimate: £30/50
In their first ever Lord's final, Hampshire beat Derbyshire by seven wickets. Derbyshire were bowled out for only 117 with man of the match, Stephen Jefferies taking 5-13 off his ten overs
Lot 784:
Lot 784 Lot 784 Lot 784 Lot 784
Cricket club and association handbooks and fixture cards 1875-2000s. Large selection of club handbooks and fixture cards/ booklets. Early handbooks include Warrington & District Amateur Cricket League 1913, Beckenham C.C. 1915. Clapton & District 1929, 1932, 1936 & 1938. Enfield & District Cricket League 1931-1939. Bassetlaw & District Cricket League 1940 & 1944. Bournemouth & District Cricket Association 1949-1953. Doncaster & District Cricket League 1959-1977. Bournemouth & District Cricket Association 1950-1953. Mexborough & District Evening Cricket League 1959-1977. Doncaster & District Cricket League 1960-1977 etc. Early club fixture cards include Lordship Lane C.C. (London) 1875, Blairlodge C.C. (Scotland) 1879, Butterflies C.C. (London) 1898, Hythe Green C.C. (Kent) 1904-1914, Sankey Wire Mills C.C. (Cheshire) 1905 & 1907, Aycliffe C.C. (Durham) 1909, Beverley C.C. (Kent) 1912, Pallingswick C.C. (London) 1914, Notts. Unity C.C. 1939 etc. Some faults to earlier cards, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £50/80
Lot 785:
Lot 785
Signed county centenary commemorative covers. Official Sussex C.C.C. Centenary 1872-1972 cover dated 6th June 1972. Signed by fourteen Sussex players in ink including Griffith, Parks, Greig. Barclay, Snow, Buss, Mansell, Greenidge etc. Also a Kent C.C.C. Centenary 1870-1970 cover dated 30th May 1970 signed by fourteen Kent players in ink including Denness, Underwood, Shepherd, Knott, Woolmer, Graham, Cowdrey, Johnson etc. Both with original printed card insert. Sold with four further covers, a similar smaller Kent cover signed by Knott, Underwood and Colin Cowdrey, a Slindon C.C. 250th Anniversary 1981, signed by eleven Sussex players including Ian Greig, Pigott, Wells, Le Roux, Arnold, Parker, Smith etc, a 'Sport' 1980 cover signed by eleven Glamorgan players including Cottey, Morris, Jones, Derrick etc and a cover signed by Bob Willis. Qty 6
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 786:
Lot 786 Lot 786
Don Bradman. 'Cootamundra. NSW. Birthplace of Bradman' first day cover, nicely signed by Bradman. Sold with two Australian Bicentenary first day covers 1988, one signed by eight Australians Lawson, Harvey, Lindwall, Simpson, Corling, Cowper, Jenner and Higgs, the other signed by Ian Chappell and Simon O'Donnell.
Estimate: £30/40
Lot 787:
Lot 787 Lot 787
'The Centenary Test Match 1880-1980'. Official album containing eleven official first day covers franked with postal stamps and nine team postcards/ copy scorecards of county and England and Australian teams plus various sporting stamps as issued. Limited edition number 475 of 1400 produced. G
Estimate: £20/30
Lot 788:
Lot 788
England v West Indies, Cornhill Insurance 100th Test, Old Trafford 1995. Special limited edition display sheet produced for this historic test. The sheet comprises of titles in colour to top, two mounted colour postcards of the teams, mounted first day cover for the 4th Test and two mounted autograph cards signed by the two teams. Twenty two ink signatures including Hooper, Lara, Richardson, Ambrose, Adams, Arthurton, Atherton, Knight, Cork (who took a hat trick in the game), Thorpe, Fraser etc. Limited edition 34 of only 50 produced. Mounted, framed and glazed, 22"x17". VG
Estimate: £50/70
Lot 789:
Lot 789 Lot 789 Lot 789
Amalgamated Press 'Australian & English Cricket Stars' 1932. 'Bodyline'. Nineteen cards from the set of thirty two trade cards each featuring a mono head and shoulders portrait of members of Australian and English Test cricketers. Card nos. 1, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 14, 16, 18-23, 27, 28, 30-32. Sold with the original accompanying 'Australia versus England 1932-33 "Triumph" and "Champion" Test Match Souvenir Album'. The cards in good condition, minor ageing to the album
Estimate: £50/70
Lot 790:
Lot 790 Lot 790
Signed commemorative and first day covers 1980s. Three covers, each multi-signed. Covers are 'Adelaide Oval Centenary Test 7th/11th Dec 1984' signed by twenty members of the England touring party to Australia 1986/87. Signatures include Gatting (Captain), Edmonds, Gower, Athey, Botham, Foster, Whittaker, Small, Broad, Dilley, Slack, Lamb etc. Also two 'Leaders of the World. Cricket' covers issued in Tuvalu, 9th October 1984, one signed by Ray Illingworth, Geoff Boycott, Fred Trueman and Dickie Bird, the other by Boycott and Graham Stevenson. VG
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 791:
Lot 791
'N.Z [New Zealand] Cricketer' 1967-1973. Complete run of the magazine from 3rd November 1967 (first issue) to 10th September 1973. Qty 44. G
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 792:
Lot 792
'The Cricketer Pakistan' 1973-1977. Edited by Hanif Mohammad. Near complete run of the magazine from September 1973 (Vol. II no. 6) to October 1977 (Vol. VI, no. 7). Lacking four issues for October 1973, May 1975, May 1976, and November 1977. Odd minor faults, overall in good/ very good condition. Sold with four copies of 'Cricket World Quarterly' for January 1978 (first issue) to October 1978. Editor Haji Abdul Razzaque, published in Karachi. Some wear to the first issue, otherwise in good condition. Qty 50
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 793:
Lot 793
'The Cricketer [International] Quarterly' 1973-2000. Complete run of the booklet from Summer 1973 (first issue) to Autumn 1987 in official binders, and Winter 1987/88 to Autumn 2000 loose copies. Also the 'National Village Cricket Championship Annual for 1998. Odd copy with owner's name annotated to front wrapper, otherwise in very good condition. Qty 111
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 794:
Lot 794 Lot 794
First day and commemorative covers 1960s-1990s. Box comprising a large selection of over five hundred covers, a good number by Stamp Publicity, the majority 1980s/1990s, including twenty three Benham Silks. Players featured include Gordon Greenidge, Robin Smith, Sunil Gavaskar, Graham Gooch, Allan Border, Kim Hughes, Ian Botham, Allan Lamb, Richard Hadlee, Jack Russell, Bob Willis etc. Other covers include Benson & Hedges finals at Lord's (Qty 39), NatWest Trophy (32), Gillette Cup (2), Refuge Assurance Cup (8), two official T.C.C.B. covers for the New Zealand and India tours to England 1990. Also good coverage of tours to England including India 1990, West Indies 1991, Pakistan 1992, Australian tour to England/ 120 years of County Cricket 1993, New Zealand tour to England 1994 etc. Includes good County content including Somerset Centenary Year 1991, Graham Gooch Century of Centuries 1993, Club cricket, and some overseas including South Africa, Falkland Islands, Bulgaria, Israel, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu etc. G/VG
Estimate: £50/80
Lot 795:
Lot 795
'100 Years of English County Cricket' 1973. Ten official T.C.C.B. commemorative covers, each featuring the colour image of W.G. Grace at the crease and the set of three Grace postage stamps postmarked 16th May 1973. Each cover has been signed by former players of the respective county or team. Covers are Essex (four signatures of Fletcher, Pearce, Denness and Insole), Glamorgan (4, McConnon, Lewis, Walters etc.), Hampshire (4, Shackleton, Horton, Eagar, Harrison), Kent (3, Cowdrey, Ames, Woolley), Middlesex (3, Allen, Compton, Edrich), Northamptonshire (7, Tyson, Subba Row, Brown, Andrews, Brookes etc.), Surrey (3, A. Bedser, May, Laker), Warwickshire (3, Kallicharran, Smith, Wyatt), M.C.C. (4, Gilligan, Allen, Brown, Lord Cobham), and New Zealand tourists 1973 (3, Congdon, Turner, Saunders). G
Estimate: £50/70
Lot 796:
Lot 796
'100 Years of County Cricket 1873-1973'. Three first days covers produced by Stuarts Covers. The covers are postmarked Chelmsford with eleven signatures of cricket broadcasters including Lewis, Johnston, Martin-Jenkins, Frindall, Bailey, Mosey, Arlott, Cozier etc., Headingley, five signatures including Roy Marshall, Atkinson, Langford, Jameson and Kerslake, and Lord's, signed by Hubert Doggart. Also three official 'County Cricket 1873-1973' British Post Office first day covers, one with twenty six signatures including Wyatt, Washbrook, Evans, Flavell, Dexter, Ames, Tremlett, Titmus, Allen, L. Hutton etc. Sold with an official presentation pack issued by the Post Office for the centenary together with a printed translation in German, a CD of 'Stamps of the World 1900-2005', and a first day cover with a W.G. Grace stamp for the opening of the Cornwall Coast Path in 1973. Qty 9. G
Estimate: £50/70

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