Cricket Ephemera & Books From The Personal Collection Of John Arlott

Lot 438:
Lot 438
Colin Cowdrey. 'Souvenir match card of the Maidstone Cricket Week 1973 during which Colin Cowdrey scored his 99th and 100th centuries in first class cricket'. Signed in ink to the front by Cowdrey with dedication to John Arlott, 'Thank you for your kindness and the warmth of your support over the years'. Neat annotations in pencil by Arlott. Ex John Arlott collection. Slight creasing to one corner, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £30/50
Hammer price: £70
Lot 439:
Lot 439
Percy George Herbert Fender. Sussex, Surrey & England 1910-1935. Two page typed letter, dated 18th September 1978, with accompanying typed notes, on London Wine Exchange letterhead, of whom Fender was a director. Fender is writing to offer the services of the business to Arlott for the purchase of wine and cigars, 'it was only last week that... I learned you were an authority on Wine'. The letter is riddled with typing errors, explained in a postscript, 'Please excise typing errors, but as you probably know, I am now blind-- not stone but almist'. Signed in ink by Fender. Ex John Arlott collection. Good condition
Estimate: £50/70
Hammer price: unsold
Lot 440:
Lot 440
Irving Rosenwater. Single page handwritten letter to John Arlott, dated 12th September 1978. Rosenwater is writing to thank Arlott for 'by far the most percipient of all the reviews I have seen. At least you have read the book, which is a great deal more than can be said of some others'. Nicely signed by Rosenwater. Ex John Arlott collection. G/VG
Estimate: £30/40
Hammer price: £45
Lot 441:
Lot 441
William Eric Bowes. Yorkshire & England 1929-1947. Two page typed letter from Bowes to John Arlott dated 18th November 1976. Bowes is writing firstly to apologise for not visiting Arlott on a recent holiday to Jersey due to bad weather. He then thanks Arlott for 'suggesting me as the chap to present the "Viewers' Award" for the Grandstand programme and to Peter Willey', and reports that he has recently heard indirectly that he has been invited to attend the Centenary Test in Melbourne the following year. Bowes signs off, 'Luv [sic] and best wishes, As aye, Bill'. Ex John Arlott collection. G
Estimate: £80/120
Hammer price: unsold
Lot 442:
Lot 442
Dilip Rasiklal Doshi. Nottinghamshire, Warwickshire & India 1968-1986. Single page handwritten aerogramme from Doshi, dated 7th November 1978. Writing from his 'Dilip & Brothers' office in Calcutta, Doshi is asking for Arlott's assistance in helping him get a contract with Northamptonshire for the following season. 'Before I left England I had a word with Jim Watts of Northants regarding my future with them. He could say nothing at that stage till they found out what Sarfraz Nawaz was doing! I recently read that Sarfraz had joined Packer and suddenly I have seen a silver lining in the dark cloud above me'. Signed 'Dilip'. Ex John Arlott collection. G
Estimate: £50/70
Hammer price: unsold
Lot 443:
Lot 443
Duke of Beaufort. Single page short typed letter to John Arlott dated 9th June 1950. Writing from Badminton, Beaufort says how pleased he is that Arlott is able to attend a cricket match at Badminton on 2nd July (Benefit match for Monty Cranfield, Gloucestershire 1934-1951) and that he has written to invite Desmond Eagar to play and suggests sharing a car with him. Nicely signed in ink 'Beaufort'. Ex John Arlott collection. Crease to top left corner, otherwise in very good condition
Estimate: £40/60
Hammer price: £78
Lot 444:
Lot 444
'A Presentation Dinner to Honour John Arlott'. Official menu for the dinner given by the British Broadcasting Corporation, probably on his retirement in 1980, with a loosely inserted place name card for 'Mr. L.T.J. Arlott'. The four page menu in card cover with cord tie, gilt emblem and title to front. Ex John Arlott collection. Heavy wine staining to cover, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £30/50
Hammer price: £35
Lot 445:
Lot 445
Test Match Special commentators. Official B.B.C. letterhead signed in ink by eight members of the commentary team. Signatures are Fred Trueman, Trevor Bailey, Christopher Martin-Jenkins, Don Mosey, Henry Blofeld, Brian Johnston, Bill Frindall and John Arlott. Ex John Arlott collection. Creasing and wear, only fair condition
Estimate: £30/40
Hammer price: £20
Lot 446:
Lot 446
England v Australia Centenaries 1977 and 1980. Two official invitations issued to John Arlott, one for a reception at Parliament House, Melbourne, 10th March 1977 marking the Centenary of Test Cricket. The other for a dinner at the Hotel Russell, London, 30th August 1980 for the Centenary of Test Cricket in England. The latter with copy typed letter from Arlott accepting the invitiation. Ex John Arlott collection. G
Estimate: £30/40
Hammer price: £45
Lot 447:
Lot 447
John Arlott ephemera. A selection of photographs, letters, menus and an order of service relating to Arlott. Photographs include a plain back photograph of Arlott issued by the B.B.C. c1950s, three of Arlott enjoying wine and food at a dinner. An official menu for a testimonial dinner given for John Rice (Hampshire 1971-1982) at the County Ground, Southampton, 18th December 1982, signed by Rice and Lawrie McMenemy and featuring all three to front cover caricature. A typed letter from Mike Bearley relating to his Benefit year in 1978, signed by Brearley with handwritten postscript etc. Ex John Arlott collection. G
Estimate: £30/50
Hammer price: £55
Lot 448:
Lot 448
'Book of Verse. Three Metaphysical Poets'. John Arlott 1945. An original seventeen page typescript written and narrated by John Arlott for a radio programme broadcast 28th April 1945 on the B.B.C. Eastern Service about the poets George Herbert, Henry Vaughan and Richard Crashaw. The script is signed in pencil by Arlott to the first page and contains alterations and additions in pencil in Arlott's own hand. Ex John Arlott collection. G/VG
Estimate: £50/80
Hammer price: £40
Lot 449:
Lot 449
'The Hampshire Giants'. John Arlott 1945. An original seven page typescript written and narrated by John Arlott for a radio programme broadcast 6th May 1945 on the B.B.C. Home Service. Arlott writes about the 'Bat and Ball' inn on Broadhalfpenny Down, home of the Hambledon Cricket Club, 'the greatest single club in the history of cricket'. He describes the speeds that the underarm bowlers of the time, such as David Harris, achieved, and the significant roles played by Richard and John Nyren in the success of Hambledon. Arlott describes William 'Silver Billy' Beldham as a 'magnificent forcing bat' and how, aged 86, Beldham walked seven miles each way to watch a cricket match. Other players mentioned are the batsman, Tom Walker, and the 'star fieldsman and big hitter, Noah Mann', and closes with a vivid description of post-match celebrations and entertainment at the Bat and Ball. A typically descriptive and poignant account of the dawn of Hampshire cricket. Ex John Arlott collection. G/VG
Estimate: £100/150
Hammer price: £190
Lot 450:
Lot 450
Bertrand Russell. 'The University Programme. Arts Series No. 8. The Rewards of Philosophy'. Original seven page typescript for a radio broadcast given by Lord (Bertrand) Russell, dated 10th December 1947, for which John Arlott was the Producer. Russell discusses the subjects of philosophy, mathematics, astronomy and war. Nicely signed in ink on the last page 'Bertrand Russell'. Ex John Arlott collection. Some foxing to the first page, otherwise in good/ very good condition
Estimate: £50/80
Hammer price: £110
Lot 451:
Lot 451
'Tribute to Philip Mead'. John Arlott 1958. Original five page radio typescript 'As Broadcast' originally transmitted on 31st May 1958 by Arlott. Arlott opens by announcing 'That monumentally reliable batsman, Philip Mead, is dead. He describes Mead as 'the soundest left hand batsman in the world' and his idiosyncrasies at the batting crease. He lists Mead's career statistics, 'For Hampshire alone he scored 48,892 runs... at an average of over 48 runs an innings... Altogether he made over fifty-five thousand runs', and describes Mead's ability to score against all types of bowling, his batting style being 'unhurried... he placed his strokes and he murdered every bad ball bowled to him'. Ex John Arlott collection. G/VG
Estimate: £100/150
Hammer price: £90
Charles Philip Mead (Hampshire and England 1905-1936) died on 31st March 1958. He played seventeen times for England and in 1921 scored 182 not out against Australia at The Oval, which was then the highest Test score by an Englishman in a Test against Australia in England
Lot 452:
Lot 452
'The Mystery of Cricket'. John Arlott 1949. Original twenty three page typescript written by Arlott and Edward Livesey with contributions by S.F. Barnes, W.E. Bowes, Len Hutton, Victor Jackson, C.J. Kortright and J.E. Walsh, and presented by Arlott. The introduction on the first page reads, 'A programme which asks the question- but will certainly not find the answer- "What is the peculiar fascination of this game to so many different types of people?"'. The programme was originally broadcast on the B.B.C. Midland Home Service on 23rd May 1949 and comprises quotations by cricketers and writers including E.V. Lucas and C.B. Fry, poetry by Thomas Moult, transcripts of recorded interviews with S.F. Barnes, Jack Walsh, Len Hutton, Charles Kortright, Bill Bowes etc. Includes a good description of Alletson's famous innings batting for Nottinghamshire against Sussex at Hove in which he scored 139 runs in half an hour, humorous excuses for batsmen getting out, dropping catches etc. Bill Bowes gives an interesting insight into his early career with Yorkshire and getting his County Cap, 'I remember Emett [sic] Robinson coming to me... He told me that I had to get a book, and in this book I'd got to write down the name of every batsman that I ever met... how he got out and where; who was the bowler, what were his best shots, what were his weak shots... the state of the wicket... Cricket in Yorkshire means serious cricket'. A fascinating and entertaining discussion on the significance of the game of cricket at all levels. Ex John Arlott collection. G/VG
Estimate: £100/150
Hammer price: £100
Lot 453:
Lot 453
'The Don. Sir Donald Bradman talks to John Arlott'. A fourteen page typescript of a radio interview recorded on 15th June and 3rd July 1961 in which Bradman 'talks about the game as he remembers playing it, and as he sees it today'. Subjects covered include the way the game had changed in the years since Bradman's retirement, the differences between English and Australian cricket, 'conditions in England... breed bowlers who are very accurate... In fielding, I believe Australians generally speaking, are more alive and active and are better throwers. In batting, I'm always struck by the fact that englishmen are more technically correct... probably because they receive a greater degree of coaching. Our players, in the main, develop naturally... [with] somewhat unorthodox styles'. Bradman recollects his experience of the 'Bodyline' bowling in the infamous 1932/33 Ashes series. 'The difference between the bumpers today and the body line of 1932/33 is simply this. Today you may get two an over. In 1932 you might get five or six. Today you may have two men behind square leg, in 1932 you might have five... It is a legitimate weapon of attack by a fast bowler. But like medicine it may be good in small doses. Take too much and it can kill you'. Other subjects covered include the popularity of the game with the paying public, the cost of running the game, encouraging playing conditions to encourage good, entertaining batting, the greater use of fast bowlers over spinners, who was the greatest batsman and bowler, covered wickets, coaching etc. An excellent insight into the thoughts and opinions of one of the great cricket icons. Ex John Arlott collection. G/VG
Estimate: £100/150
Hammer price: £130
Lot 454:
Lot 454
'Sir Jack Hobbs talks to John Arlott on the occasion of his eightieth birthday'. Twenty four page original typescript for a radio interview recorded on 16th December 1962, with contributions from Clarrie Grimmett, Wilfred Rhodes, Herbert Sutcliffe, Andrew Sandham, Sydney Barnes, Arthur Mailey, George Duckworth etc. Arlott opens by listing Hobbs' major achievements, 61,221 total runs, 197 centuries, the two highest opening stands for England against Australia with Wilfred Rhodes and Herbert Sutciffe etc. Hobbs describes his younger days, meeting Tom Hayward at Cambridge, and his early days at Surrey living in lodgings near the Oval. Hobbs recalls his debut in first-class cricket in 1905, playing for Surrey against the Gentlemen of England, captained by W.G. Grace in which Hobbs scored 18 and 88, the top score in the match. Regarding his batting technique Hobbs explains that he was never coached, 'I was just a natural'. Grimmett recalls the first time he bowled against Hobbs, playing for Victoria on the 1920/21 M.C.C. tour to Australia, in which Grimmett split his finger attempting to take a catch off a Hobbs drive, 'I shall always remember his masterly display of wet wicket technique'. Regarding passing Grace's record of 126 centuries, Hobbs remembers his struggle in attaining the feat, 'it got rather worrying... I got a little bit edgy'. Hobbs describes his great opening partners, Hayward, Rhodes, Sandham and Sutcliffe who described Hobbs' skill as a 'technical masterpiece' and remembers him scoring a century at the Oval in 1926 against Australia on 'a real gluepot... his best [century] ever'. Hobbs describes the Australian, Sydney Barnes, as one of his greatest opponents, who 'hated batsmen', also Tibby Cotter, who was 'very fast indeed... [the ball] went by you just like a flash of lightning', also Johnny Douglas, Maurice Tate, and Arthur Mailey who 'spun the ball very much indeed'. In his last first-class season in 1934, aged 51, Hobbs was asked by George Duckworth to play in Duckworth's benefit match at Old Trafford. Hobbs scored 116 and 51 not out, the only century scored against Lancashire at Old Trafford in the year Lancashire won the County Championship. Hobbs closes by saying that 'it's been a lovely life, this professional cricket business, I've enjoyed it to the full'. An excellent account of the great batsman's personal memories. Ex John Arlott collection. VG
Estimate: £100/150
Hammer price: £140
Lot 455:
Lot 455
Derbyshire v Middlesex 1967. Original typescript for an article by Arlott for The Observer newspaper. Arlott is reporting on the first day's play, in the match played at The County Ground, Derby, 5th- 8th August 1967. The three page article, with significant alterations in Arlott's own hand, describes Robert Stephenson making his first-class debut for Derbyshire, standing in for the injured wicket keeper, Taylor, and who made 64 valuable runs batting at number ten in Derbyshire's first innings, the match ultimately ending in a draw. A cutting of the published article is attached. Ex John Arlott collection. VG
Estimate: £60/80
Hammer price: unsold
Lot 456:
Lot 456 Lot 456
John Arlott. Original copy of a six page contract issued by the publishers, Collins, dated 31st July 1988, for the book 'More Arlott on Cricket' by Arlott and David Rayvern Allen, this being Arlott's own copy. Each page is initialled by the publisher and Arlott, and the final page is fully signed in ink by Arlott. Ex John Arlott collection. G/VG
Estimate: £60/90
Hammer price: unsold
It appears that no book of the original title, 'More Arlott on Cricket', was published. It may have been a working title for 'The Essential John Arlott: Forty Years of Classic Cricket Writing' by Arlott and Rayvern Allen, published in 1989
Lot 457:
Lot 457
John Arlott scrapbooks 1949-1984. Four scrapbook albums compiled by Arlott, comprising a comprehensive selection of press cuttings of articles, many written by Arlott, a good number supplied by cuttings bureaux. The earliest album is dated 1949 (compiled in later years) and covers the New Zealand tour to England, also Arlott's other activities in broadcasting including reviews of Arlott's books and poetry. Other albums cover the Pakistan and New Zealand tours to England 1978, India 1979, West Indies and the Centenary Test against Australia 1980, Australia 1981, India 1982, England tour to India and Sri Lanka 1981/82 etc. Subjects covered include Test and County cricket, Packer, obituaries etc. Ex John Arlott collection. G/VG
Estimate: £50/70
Hammer price: £65
Lot 458:
Lot 458
John Arlott. Official circular silver metal press badge issued by the M.C.C. in 1970. M.C.C. emblem on red background to front, engraved 'J. Arlott' to verso. 1" diameter. Ex John Arlott collection. VG
Estimate: £40/60
Hammer price: £82
Lot 459:
Lot 459
'A Bibliography of Cricket'. E.W. Padwick. London 1977. First Edition with dustwrapper. Only 750 copies were printed. Signed in ink to the front endpaper by Padwick with dedication to John Arlott. Some ageing and wear to dustwrapper, otherwise in good condition. Sold with the second edition published in 1984 with good dustwrapper. Signed to the title page by Padwick. Ex John Arlott collection. Good condition. Qty 2
Estimate: £50/70
Hammer price: unsold
Lot 460:
Lot 460
'Among the Sportsmen'. Tom Webster of the Daily Mail. London 1920. A collection of Webster's cartoons covering a wide range of sports including cricket, football, boxing, rowing, billiards, golf, tennis, baseball, athletics, rugby etc. Bound in green cloth, original decorative wrappers retained, with Arlott's original typed binding instructions. Signed in ink to the title page by Webster with dedication to Arlott. Ex John Arlott collection. Some age toning, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £50/70
Hammer price: £110
Lot 461:
Lot 461
'A History of Cricket'. H.S. Altham. First edition, London 1926. Original green cloth, gilt title to spine. Nicely signed in ink to front endpaper by Altham with dedication to Arlott, 'A great lover of cricket and one of Hampshire's best friends', dated 5th December 1961. Ex John Arlott collection. Good condition
Estimate: £30/40
Hammer price: £90
Lot 462:
Lot 462
'Patrons, Players and the Crowd. The Phenomenon of Indian Cricket'. Richard Cashman. New Delhi 1980. Signed in ink by the author with dedication, dated 28th June 1986. Good dustwrapper. Sold with 'The Pakistan book of Test Cricket 1952-53 to 1982'. Abid Ali Kazi and Masood Hamid. Karachi 1982. Original decorative wrappers. Signed with dedication to Arlott by Abid Ali Kazi, dated 27th May 1983. Wrappers detached, otherwise in good condition. Ex John Arlott collection. Qty 2
Estimate: £30/50
Hammer price: £25
Lot 463:
Lot 463
Frank Tyson. Two titles by Tyson. 'A Typhoon Called Tyson', London 1961. 'The Century Makers. The Men Behind the Ashes 1877-1977', London 1980. Both titles signed in ink with dedications to Arlott. Good dustwrappers. Ex John Arlott collection. Qty 2
Estimate: £30/40
Hammer price: £25
Lot 464:
Lot 464
David Frith. Two titles by Frith. 'My Dear Victorious Stod. A Biography of A.E. Stoddart', New Maldon 1970. Limited edition no. 4/400. Signed ink to the title page by Frith with a card to Arlott from Frith dated 10th October 1970. Some wear to otherwise good dustwrapper. 'Thommo. Jeff Thomson, the world's fastest bowler', Sydney 1980. Signed with dedication in ink to title page from Frith to Arlott. Good dustwrapper. Ex John Arlott collection. Qty 2
Estimate: £50/70
Hammer price: unsold
Lot 465:
Lot 465
'A History of the Derbyshire County Cricket Club'. Walter J. Piper. First edition, Derby 1897. Original maroon quarter leather, gilt to spine. Signed in black ink to front endpaper by John Arlott. Ex John Arlott collection. Small loss to head of spine with some wear. Breaking to front internal hinge, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £50/80
Hammer price: £75
Lot 466:
Lot 466
'The Memorial Biography of Dr W.G. Grace'. Lord Hawke, Harris and Home Gordon. London 1919. First edition. Original decorative covers. Ex John Arlott collection. Minor ageing to covers, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £15/25
Hammer price: £20
Lot 467:
Lot 467 Lot 467
'The Wisden Book of Test Cricket 1876-77 to 1977-78'. Bill Frindall. London 1979. Leather bound de luxe presentation edition with gilt lettering, gilt to top edges. Signed in ink to the title page by Frindall, with additional dedication to front endpaper to John Arlott who wrote the foreword, Thank you for much encouragement, goodwill and for many hours of splendid listening. Bill Frindall 1979'. Ex John Arlott collection. Very good condition
Estimate: £30/40
Hammer price: £55
Lot 468:
Lot 468
'Man at Play. Nine Centuries of Pleasure Making', John Armitage, London 1977. Sold with two non cricket titles, 'Wellington', Richard Aldington, London 1946. 'Trumpets from Montparnasse', Robert Gibbings, London 1955. All three titles signed by the author with dedication to John Arlott. Ex John Arlott collection. Some faults to dustwrappers otherwise in good condition. Qty 3
Estimate: £25/35
Hammer price: £25
Lot 469:
Lot 469
Large format cricket books. 'An Eye for Cricket', Patrick Eagar and John Arlott, Sevenoaks 1979. Signed by both authors. 'The History of Cricket', Robin Marlar, London 1979. Signed with dedication to John Arlott by Marlar. 'Barclays World of Cricket. The Game from A to Z', E.W. Swanton and John Woodcock, London 1980. Signed with dedications to Arlott by Swanton and Woodcock. 'England v Australia. A pictorial history of the Test matches since 1877', David Frith, Guildford 1981. Signed with dedication to Arlott by Frith. Ex John Arlott collection. Minor faults to one dustwrapper, otherwise in good condition. Qty 4
Estimate: £25/35
Hammer price: unsold
Lot 470:
Lot 470
Signed cricket books. Three original hardbacks with good dustwrappers, each title signed by the author. 'No Ashes for England. The story of the Australian Tour 1950-1', E.M. Wellings, London 1951. 'Cricket from the Middle', Doug Insole, London 1960. Signed to the title page by Insole, and to the front endpaper with dedication, 'With profound thanks to my ghost and mentor- "The most popular commentator of all", Doug'. 'A Spell from Laker on cricketers past and present', Jim Laker, London 1979. Signed with dedication to Arlott on the half title page, 'Dear John, Far from being a masterpiece of cricket literature, it is more importantly a souvenir for you to cement our 30 years friendship. Jim Laker'. Also 'Imran Khan. All Round View', Imran Khan, London 1989. Original softback, signed by Imran Khan. Ex John Arlott collection. Good/ very good condition. Qty 4
Estimate: £25/35
Hammer price: £30
Lot 471:
Lot 471
Cricket histories and biography. Six titles including 'Worcestershire County Cricket Club. A Pictorial History', M.D. Vockins, London 1980. Includes a card with message to John Arlott from the author. 'The Guardian Book of Sport 1981/2', John Samuel, London 1981. Signed with dedication to Arlott by Samuel. 'C.B. The Life of Charles Burgess Fry', Clive Ellis, London 1984. 'Double Century. 200 Years of Cricket in The Times', Marcus Williams, London 1985. Signed by the author with dedication to Arlott. 'Australian Cricket Crowds: The Attendance Cycle. Daily Figures, 1877-1984', Richard Cashman, privately published in New South Wales, c1986. Signed with dedication to Arlott by Cashman, dated 24th September 1986. 'The Pavilion Book of Pavilions', Jonathan Rice, London 1991. Signed by the author. Ex John Arlott collection. Good/ very good condition
Estimate: £40/60
Hammer price: £40
Lot 472:
Lot 472
Signed first editions. Seven first edition hardbacks, each signed by the author, some with dedication to John Arlott. 'Bat, Ball, Wicket and All', G.D. Martineau, London 1950. 'The Book of Cricket Verse', Gerald Brodribb, London 1953. 'The County Cricket Championship', Roy Webber, London 1957. 'The Duke who was Cricket', John Marshall, London 1961. 'The Professionals', Geoffrey Nicholson, London 1964. 'The Best-Loved Game. One Summer of English Cricket', Geoffrey Moorhouse, London 1979. 'P.G.H. Fender. A Biography', Richard Streeton, London 1981. Includes a two page typed letter to Arlott from Streeton thanking him for his review. Ex John Arlott collection. Good dustwrappers. Odd faults to some titles, overall in good condition
Estimate: £50/70
Hammer price: £42
Lot 473:
Lot 473
The Playfair Cricket Annual 1948-1990. Near complete run of the Annual, the copies for 1948 (first year of issue) to 1962, large issue. The majority bound in green cloth in thirteen volumes, original wrappers retained. Volumes are 1948-1950, 1951-1953, 1954-1956, 1957-1959, 1960-1962, 1963-1966, 1967-1968, 1969-1970, 1971-1972, 1973-1974, 1975-1978, 1979-1982 (individual copies in slipcase), 1983-1986, and unbound individual issues for 1987, 1989 and 1990. The 1972, 1974, 1975 and 1977 issues signed to the front cover by John Arlott. Ex John Arlott collection. Good condition
Estimate: £40/60
Hammer price: £95

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