Cricket Ceramics & Metalware

Lot 712:
Lot 712
Cricket belt buckle 1860's. Original brass belt buckle with raised scene of, what appears to be, a carpenter in apron passing a cricket bat which he has made to a cricketer on horseback. An unusual scene for a buckle. Approximately 2.5"x2". The buckle in very good condition for its age
Estimate: £70/100
Lot 713:
Lot 713
Cricket belt buckle 1860's. Original brass belt buckle with raised scene of four crossed bats with cricket ball to centre within a circular floral decoration. Approximately 2.25"x2". The buckle in very good condition for its age. Sold with a metal badge with a caricature of 'Luffy' from the Pickwick Papers wearing top hat shirt and braces holding a cricket ball, date unknown. 1.75" diameter. Qty 2. G
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 714:
Lot 714
Charles Burgess Fry. Early 20th century bronze colour spelter figure of C.B. Fry wearing cricket cap and open neck shirt portrayed in wicket keeping pose surmounting a clock. This was the main centre item of a three piece garniture, all featuring Fry as a wicket- keeper, batsman and bowler. The wicket-keeper with clock is the rarest of the three pieces. 12" tall. The clock appears original but does not appear to be in working order. Lacking mounting screw to one foot otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £150/250
Lot 715:
Lot 715
Rare Edwardian ivory page turner (used to turn pages in a newspaper) or large letter opener shaped as a cricket bat with bat handle. 15" long. Chip to blade otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £50/70
Lot 716:
Lot 716
Edwardian wooden paper page turner (used to turn pages in a newspaper) in the shape of a cricket bat with grooved handle. Chip to blade otherwise in good condition. 18.5" long
Estimate: £50/70
Lot 717:
Lot 717
'England v Australia 1861-1961'. Hallmarked silver ashtray with England and Australian emblems to centre and wording England v Australia 1861-1961' to borders. In original presentation box. G
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 718:
Presentation cricket ball. Attractive silver cricket ball with engraved inscription 'Presented to Frank Unwin, Esq in recognition of his fine performance with the cricket ball. From members of the Hathersage Bowling Club 1928'. The ball, with engraved seam and quarters, hallmarked London 1926 and makers mark for Hawksworth, Eyre & Co Ltd of Sheffield. Some bumps and knocks to the ball otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 719:
Lot 719 Lot 719
John William Hearne. Middlesex & England 1909-1936. 'Folkestone Cricket Festival 1927'. Attractive silver cigarette case, decorated to both sides in zig-zag line patterns, with initials 'J.W.H.' in oval to corner. Inscription to inside reads 'Folkestone Cricket Festival. Presented to J.W. Hearne 100 for M.C.C. v Kent. 8th September 1927'. The case, with gilt inner lining, measures approx 3"x3.25". Hallmarked, Chester 1924 and makers marks of A. Wilcox of Birmingham. VG. Previously sold by Knights in February 2014
Estimate: £70/100
M.C.C. won the match by 188 runs and Hearne got his century in the M.C.C. 2nd innings. He also took four wickets in the match
Lot 720:
Lot 720
Cricket vesta. Brass metal vesta case with engraved image of a cricketer in cap stood in front of a set of cricket stumps. 1.5"x1.75". Sold with two other cricket vesta cases, both silver and hallmarked. Both with cricket designs to sides and hallmarked Chester 1896, the other with worn marks. Both cases with wear. Qty 3
Estimate: £50/80
Lot 721:
Lot 721
Reg Simpson. 'The Lord's Taverner's Trophy Presented for the Schweppes Championship'. Silver metal goblet presented to Simpson in 1981, on the occasion of Nottinghamshire won the County Championship, Simpson being Chairman of the Club at the time. 6" tall. VG
Estimate: £60/90
Lot 722:
Lot 722
M.C.C. v All India 1936. Large silver plated circular salver with scalloped beaded edges, on ball and claw feet. Inscribed to the face 'M.C.C. v India at Lord's May 1936. Hospitals Cricket Match. 1936. In aid of the Funds of the West London and Richmond Hospitals'. Also inscribed with signatures of the eleven members of the M.C.C. team and thirteen members of the India team. M.C.C. signatures are Allen, Moore, Wyatt, Holmes, Human, Price, Sims, Bowes, Peebles, Valentine and Hendren. India signatures include Hussain, Nayudu, Jahangir Khan, Elahi, Wazir Ali, Nissar, Hindelkar, Banergee etc. 14.5" diameter. Maker's mark of Walker & Hall, Sheffield to verso. Significant wear and bleeding to plate, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £70/100
M.C.C. won the match by ten wickets. Human was top scorer in the match with 115 runs in M.C.C.'s first innings
Lot 723:
Lot 723
Aubigny C.C. 1895/96. A silver plate goblet with ornate floral engraved decoration and inscription. 'Presented by G.F. Bennett Esq, Aubigny C.C. Best Bowling Average Season 1895-6. Won by E.J. Metcalfe 13.15'. Maker's mark to underside of 'Meriden Britannia Company. Quadruple Plate. 197 S U.S.A.'. 8" tall. Some tarnishing to plate, dents to rim, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £30/50
Aurigny C.C. appears to have been active in the late 19th century in New South Wales, Australia. The Meriden Britannia Company was founded in Connecticut in 1852 and by the 1870s was considered the largest silverware company in the world. It was incorporated into the International Silver company in 1898
Lot 724:
Lot 724
'Ashes Regained. England 1985'. Silver plate dish with title to centre, Test match results and players names and biographies to borders. Limited edition no. 68/1000. 6" diameter. Sold with a model of the old Wembley Stadium with title plaque 'Made from Wembley Stadium 1923-2000'. 5"x3.75. Also a tennis ball signed by Pete Sampras with certificate of authenticity. Qty 3. Good condition
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 725:
Lot 725
Bernard Thomas. England physio. Silver metal medal with orange and blue ribbon in presentation case, issued to Thomas for the India v England one day International at Pune. The date inscribed on the medal is 4th December 1984, but the match was played on the 5th. England won by four wickets. Sold with two official England team photographs for the tours to Australia & New Zealand 1970/71 and to West Indies 1974. Both framed and glazed, approx. 14"x12". Good condition
Estimate: £50/80
Lot 726:
Lot 726
Warwickshire C.C.C. Centenary 1895-1995. Edinburgh Crystal engraved goblet produced to commemorate '100 years of County Championship Cricket', engraved with the details of the Triple Trophy winning season of 1994. Approx. 5" tall. With original box. Very good condition
Estimate: £20/30
Lot 727:
Lot 727
Len Hutton. 'Sport in miniature' figure of Hutton in batting pose mounted on wooden base. Limited edition 25/100. With certificate of authenticity. G
Estimate: £20/30
Lot 728:
Lot 728 Lot 728
'Sir Donald Bradman' commemorative coins. Sixteen 'Sir Donald Bradman 1908-2001' 20c coins issued in 2001. Also four 'Salute to the Don' medals commemorating Bradman's Test average of 99.94 and 6996 Test runs. The coins 'issued' by the Gold Coast Bulletin, Herald Sun Sunday, The Advertiser, and The Sunday Telegraph. Sold with a Richie Benaud 'The Voice of Cricket 1930-2015' 50c coin issued by the Royal Australian Mint in 2017 sealed in official presentation card. Qty 21. VG
Estimate: £30/40
Lot 729:
Lot 729
India Test and Premier League (IPL) cricket shirts 2000s. White short sleeve India Test shirt with India emblem and sponsor's logo 'Sahara' to chest, and the player number 229 of Shav Sindur Das, 2002. Also two IPL shirts, one black shirt short sleeve for Kolkata Knight Riders signed by Sourav Ganguly, and a blue short sleeve shirt for Rajasthan Royals. The shirts are duplicates from the Lord's collection. Very good condition
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 730:
Lot 730
Lord's Bicentenary 2014. One long sleeve and one short sleeve shirt for the M.C.C. XI and Rest of the World XI. Both white shirts with 'Lord's 200 Years' emblem and sponsor's logo to chest and collar. The long sleeve shirt with 'KSK' logo for the M.C.C. team, the short sleeve shirt with 'Hardy's' logo for Rest of the World. The shirts are duplicates from the Lord's collection. Qty 2. Very good condition
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 731:
Lot 731
Trevor Chappell. World Series Cricket. Australia 1977/78. White long sleeve shirt for the World Series Supertest series issued to Trevor Chappell. World Series Cricket emblem to chest. Very good condition
Estimate: £50/80
Six 'Supertests' were played in the 1977/78 series for Kerry Packer's 'World Series Cricket'
Lot 732:
Lot 732
Cricket shirts and sweaters 1980s-1990s. Seven items including a T.C.C.B. white short sleeve training shirt issued to Dermot Reeve with initials 'D.R.' to inside collar. A Benson & Hedges World Cup 1992 England sweater. England royal blue short sleeve one day international shirt. New Zealand black short sleeve training shirt. Falklands Island Cricket Association short sleeve shirt. United Cricket Club short sleeve shirt. M.C.C. Bicentenary, Lord's 1987 casual sweater. Very good condition
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 733:
Lot 733
M.C.C. v Rest of the World. Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial match, Lords 1998. Official 'Rest of the World' sleeveless sweater, by Morrant, white wool sweater with purple trimming to neck and waist. Only a limited number of these sweaters were produced for the one off match, this was a spare
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 734:
Lot 734
I.C.C. Cricket World Cup, England 1999. Australia shirt for the 1999 World Cup signed to the front by six players including Steve Waugh, Glenn McGrath, Shane Lee, Tom Moody, Damian Fleming and Brendan Julian. Sold with a further seven unsigned 1999 World Cup shirts for Australia, England, West Indies, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Qty 8. Very good condition
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 735:
Lot 735
West Indies sleeveless white Test sweater, by Admiral, with West Indies emblem in shield to centre of chest and 'Digicel' sponsors logo to chest, trimming to neck and waist in West Indies colours. Player unknown. Very good condition, appears unworn
Estimate: £50/80
'Digicel', a mobile phone company sponsored the West Indies for thirteen years between 2005 and 2018.
Lot 736:
Lot 736
Michael Robert John Velleta. Western Australia & A.C.T. 1983-1999. Australian Test sleeveless sweater, by 'Silver Fleece', with Australian emblem in shield to chest and trimming to neck and waist in Australian colours of green and gold. Handwritten initials 'M.V.' to back of collar label. Previously sold by Knights in the mid 1990's. Good/very good condition
Estimate: £80/120
Lot 737:
Lot 737
Border (South Africa) white long sleeved cricket sweater with 'Border Cricket' emblem to centre and sponsors logos 'Mercedes Benz' and 'Supersports Series' to chest. Trimming to neck, sleeves and wrists in brown and white stripes. Player unknown. Good condition
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 738:
Lot 738
David Richardson. Eastern Province, Northern Transvaal & South Africa 1978-1998. South African white sleeveless Test sweater worn by Richardson during his Test playing career. The sweater with South African emblem to centre and sponsors logo 'Castle Lager' to chest and trimming in green and gold to neck and waist. G/VG
Estimate: £50/80
Lot 739:
Lot 739
Martin Moxon. Glamorgan and England. Long sleeve England shirt with lion emblem and Tetley sponsor's logo to chest. Moxon's initial 'M.M.' to collar label. Signed to the chest by sixteen England players including Hick, Caddick, Smith, Thorpe, Lewis, Hussain, Fraser, Malcolm, Iggleseden etc. Dedication to right shoulder, 'To David George. Best Wishes Martyn Moxon'. Very good condition
Estimate: £50/70
Lot 740:
Lot 740
Essex 1st XI navy blue cloth cricket cap. The cap with attached wired Essex emblem of the three seaxes. Ownership unknown. Handwritten to label is the name 'Dust' (?). Minor wear to rim of peak, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 741:
Lot 741
Gloucestershire navy blue county 1st XI cricket cap with county emblem embroidered/wired to front. Player unknown. G/VG
Estimate: £50/80
Lot 742:
Lot 742
Peter Martin. Lancashire & England 1989-2004. Lancashire 2nd XI navy blue cloth cricket cap worn by Martin during his playing career. The cap with Lancashire emblem of the red rose bud to front and his name 'P.J. Martin' to inner label. Previously sold in the Peter Martin Benefit auction of September 2002. G/VG
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 743:
Lot 743
Nottinghamshire navy blue cloth 1st XI cap with embroidered Nottinghamshire emblem to front. Name inscribed to label, but now illegible. Player worn with staining and wear to inside but unknown
Estimate: £50/80
Lot 744:
Lot 744
Somerset navy blue county 1st XI cricket cap with county emblem to front. Cap by Dege of Savile Row. Ownership unknown. Good condition. Previously sold by Knights in 2001
Estimate: £50/80
Lot 745:
Lot 745
Neil Smith. Warwickshire 1987-2004. Warwickshire 1st XI navy blue cloth cap, by Foster of London', with club emblem of the bear and ragged staff in silver to front. Worn by Smith during his playing career. Previously sold in the Peter Martin Benefit auction of September 2002. G
Estimate: £60/90
Lot 746:
Lot 746
Neil Harvey Fairbrother. Lancashire, Transvaal & England 1982-2002. England navy blue wool Test cap with embroidered emblem of crown over three lions. Signed inside to the label by Fairbrother. Previously sold in the Peter Marron Testimonial auction of 14th September 2006 as lot 38. Very good condition
Estimate: £130/160
Neil Fairbrother played in ten Test matches for England, 1987-1993. Peter Marron was Head Groundsman at Old Trafford for 25 years until 2008

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