A Collection Of Cricket Games

Lot 288:
Lot 288
'Lamplough's Model Cricket'- by Royal Letters patent. Early c1890's cricket game with wicket, colour tin plate fielders, wicket keeper, one batsman of W.G. Grace, wickets and pitch, metal supports, scenery boards etc. in original box. Lacking bowling spring and two balls. Rare
Estimate: £70/100
Hammer price: £130
Lot 289:
Lot 289 Lot 289 Lot 289 Lot 289
Amended description: 'The Great Test Match or County Championship'. Very rare Pealland Series 115, c1910, comprising eleven lead cricketer figures, board, scoreboard and numbers, in original colour box with illustrations of W.G. Grace and Ranjitsinhji, and description, 'All the Excitement and Interest of An Ordinary Cricket Match. Comprising 11 model Cricketers, scoring board as used at all the great Test Matches with complete outfit of letters and figures'. Rules pasted under lid. A few arms loose of cricket figures (Three of the lead figures each have one arm missing), lacking ball. Some loss and damage to box lid edges, generally in good condition
Estimate: £600/900
Hammer price: £3200
A similar lot lacking scoreboard and some figures was sold by Christies in 'The Arnold Rolak Reference Collection of Britains Toys' auction held in December 2000 for £2938 including buyer's premium
Lot 290:
Lot 290 Lot 290 Lot 290
'Real Cricket on a Table'. "Ell-Jay" Table Games. Set No. 0 c1920s, comprising bat, stumps, bails, three balls and scoring tray in original box with an illustration of two gentlemen playing the game, and description, 'Not a mechanical toy but the actual game played with bat, ball and wickets'. Rules pasted under lid. Old tape repairs to box and lid, the contents in good condition. Sold with 'Googly' card game, Smith & Hallam, c1932, 'The Eddie Barlow Test Series', both in original boxes. 'Cricko. The Latest New Game'. c1910s. Comprising bat, stumps, bails, wooden mechanical bowling machine, playing instruction and seven fielding nets. Original box in poor condition with crude tape repairs. Also a wooden box with hinged set of cricket stumps inside. G. Qty 4
Estimate: £50/80
Hammer price: £78
Lot 291:
'Stumpz'. Boxed cricket game by De La Rue 1930's with playing board and cards, eleven wooden 'players', instructions, playing field, 'Out/Not out' spinner. Lacking 'Stumpz Score Book' with pencil. (See Wisden book of Cricket Memorabilia p.286). Minor wear to box, otherwise in good/ very good condition
Estimate: £30/50
Hammer price: £20
Lot 292:
Lot 292 Lot 292
'The Test Match - a Mechanical Table Cricket Game'. Endorsed by Jack Hobbs. Chad Valley Games c1940, Pictorial box cover. Rules pasted under lid. Appears complete with batsman and bowler figures, ball, stumps, bails and four 'fielders'. Also 'Table Cricket- latest indoor game'. c1900 cricket game in original box with pictorial lid. Complete with net, posts, wicket, bat and balls. 'Cricket at Lord's', Chad Valley, etc. Some wear to boxes otherwise in generally good condition. Qty 4. G
Estimate: £50/80
Hammer price: £30
Lot 293:
Lot 293 Lot 293 Lot 293 Lot 293 Lot 293
Cricket Games. Box containing an assortment of cricket games etc including 'Webster's Bar Cricket' in wooden box. 'Dice Cricket', Pax Products (Plastics) Ltd. 'Cricket at Home', Mehreen Games, Karachi. 'Wills's Woodbine Cricket Game', mechanical tin game etc. Sold with an unused set of 'Swan Pencil Co. Cricket' pencils made in Bavaria with original paper seal featuring a batsman in batting pose. A 'Corgi Comic Classics The Hotspur' diecast mode of a Ford Popular van in good original box etc. Qty 15. G
Estimate: £40/60
Hammer price: £80
Lot 294:
Lot 294 Lot 294 Lot 294 Lot 294 Lot 294 Lot 294 Lot 294 Lot 294 Lot 294
Cricket Games. Box containing an assortment of mainly modern cricket games etc including mechanical metal 'Wills's Woodbine Cricket Game', 'Armchair Cricket', 'Owzthat', 'Dow's Port Cricket Dice', 'Cricketrivia' etc. Qty 10. Sold with a selection of six large boxed games including 'Subbuteo Test Cricket', 'International Cricket', 'Wicketz', 'Super Cricket' etc. G
Estimate: £40/60
Hammer price: £70
Lot 295:
Lot 295
Cricket card games, computer games and trade cards. Card games are 'Marston's Top Trumps', 'Wickets', PlayStats, Australia. Computer cassette games are 'Graham Gooch's Match Cricket' for Amstrad, and 'Brian Rose Howzat' for Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Trade and collectors cards are 'International Cricket' Ardmona Collector Cards Series III in original sealed packet. 'World Series Cricket Souvenir'. A near complete set of 'Topdraw one Day Wonders' and 'World Series' Futera trade cards. Qty 8. G
Estimate: £40/60
Hammer price: £38
Lot 296:
Lot 296 Lot 296 Lot 296
Cricket games. 'Mettoy Spinner Winner Cricket' c1950s. Mechanical tin game, 12"x12" in good condition. Also Ariel 'Elec-Crickette' game in original box, c1960. Includes tin/wood/electric game-board, six bulbs, two sight screens/ score boards and stumps. Wear to box, otherwise in good condition. Qty 2
Estimate: £40/60
Hammer price: £48
Lot 297:
Subbuteo Table Cricket. Collection of players, umpires, groundsmen, two sets of stumps etc in unopened original bags with card headers, one in a box as issued by Subbuteo Sports Games, Tunbridge Wells. Also five sets of playing rules and instructions and a set of score sheets, also unopened, and a playing mat. G
Estimate: £30/50
Hammer price: £48

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