Cricket & Sport In Advertising

Lot 379:
Lot 379
'Hudson's Extract of Soap' c1880s/1890s. Excellent large colour advertising lithograph poster with image of a tennis player in red blazer and striped cap. 'For Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Boating Flannels use Hudson's Extract of Soap... Softens Water, Lathers Freely, Leaves NO Smell'. The original poster, with odd faults and minor loss measures approx. 13.5"x18.5". Attractively mounted, framed and glazed overall 18"x23.5". Rare
Estimate: £200/300
Hammer price: £180
Lot 380:
Lot 380
Wifred Rhodes. 'Yorkshire Relish. Bowling along' 1923. Excellent print of Rhodes in bowling action, from the original by Ernest Moore, 1923, published by Weatherells of Leeds, reproduced by Beck & Inchbold of Leeds. The print, measuring 9.25"x14", is laid down to the advertiser's mount with printed titles to upper and lower margins, and an illustration of a bottle of 'The Celebrated Yorkshire Relish' to the lower left corner. Framed and glazed, with the manufacturer's name 'Goodall, Backhouse & Co, Leeds' stamped to lower edge, overall 18"x25". Slight fading to print, otherwise in very good condition
Estimate: £200/300
Hammer price: £170
Yorkshire Relish was the highest selling bottled sauce in the Victorian era. It was advertised as 'the most delicious sauce in the world'. By 1913 it was still the most popular sauce in the world selling thirteen million bottles each year
Lot 381:
Lot 381
'John Wisden & Co. Ltd. 23 Cranbourne Street, London, W.C.2. Wisden's "Exceller" Bats. Still the best made'. c1913. Excellent original colour lithograph advertising poster featuring an Exceller bat, with a scene of Lord's below. The poster measures approx. 16"x21". Mounted, framed and glazed, overall 19.5"x24". Some wear and creasing, otherwise nice bright colours in good condition
Estimate: £150/250
Hammer price: £240
In his early days, John Wisden didn't manufacture cricket bats himself, but was merely a salesman for other makers' products including the Crawford Exceller bat. As the sporting equipment business grew the company moved to 23 Cranbourn Street in London in 1913
Lot 382:
Lot 382
'Players "Country Life" Smoking Mixture'. Large colour advertising showcard with image of 'The Popular Favourite' (cricket match) by Ernest Prater 1923. Issued by the Imperial Tobacco Company Ltd. Original hanging to verso. 20"x15". Complete with original packaging addressed E. George Wolfe, brother-in-law of Sir Julian Cahn. Wear and creasing to advertising board, otherwise in generally good condition
Estimate: £50/70
Hammer price: £35
Lot 383:
Lot 383
'Australian Test Team 1930. A. Kippax and T. Wall Wearing (Kaylo) Gripu Trousers'. Original advertising photograph card produced by Gripu Trousers. The card features an original photograph of Alan Kippax and Tim Wall wearing cricket attire and featuring Gripu trousers. Printed titles to top and bottom of the card. The card measures 8"x12.5". Odd minor faults otherwise in very good condition. Rare and unusual
Estimate: £50/80
Hammer price: unsold
Lot 384:
Lot 384
G.H.G. Doggart and J.G. Dewes. Cambridge University 1949. Original advertising photograph card for Stuart Surridge cricket bats. The photograph is of Doggart and Dewes standing in cricket attire with Stuart Sturridge bats in front of the scoreboard, the score showing 441-1, the pair having recorded the 'English Second Wicket Record'. Doggart scored 219no and Dewes 204no. The match played at Fenners v Essex, 7th-10th May 1949. Printed title and description to lower border of mount. Overall 9"x12". Creasing, staining and pin holes, otherwise in fair to good condition
Estimate: £60/90
Hammer price: £70
The match was drawn. The unbeaten partnership of 429 remained the record in English first class cricket for the second wicket, which stood until 1974 when it was surpassed by Jameson and Kanhai playing for Warwickshire. Dewes went on to play for Middlesex and Doggart Sussex
Lot 385:
Lot 385
M.C.C. tour to Australia 1950/51. Original large advertising showcard featuring a mono photograph of the Bedser twins, titled 'MCC v. Australia. Blue Bird Portable Typewriter is on the Tour'. Printed caption to lower border, 'Alec Bedser, the famous All-England Bowler, watched by twin-brother Eric, uses the Blue Bird Portable Typewriter on which he is writing his personal correspondence during the present Tour of Australia'. Nicely signed in ink by Eric and Alec Bedser. Stand-up flap to verso. Minor bumping to corners, otherwise in very good condition
Estimate: £80/120
Hammer price: £70
The 1950/51 tour to Australia was the only M.C.C. tour on which both Bedser brothers played together. Although Eric was not in the official touring party, he was drafted in to play in the tour match against Tasmania
Lot 386:
Lot 386
Len Hutton. 'Litesome Sportswear'. 1950s. Original colour advertising showcard featuring a mono picture of Hutton playing a cover drive con a green background. Title reads, 'Len Hutton Insists upon Litesome Sportwear "Best in the Field"'. 9"x14". Some staining, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £40/60
Hammer price: £42
Litesome Sportswear was founded in 1925
Lot 387:
Lot 387
India tour to England 1952. Original real photograph mono advertising showcard of the Indian touring party visiting the Timpson factory in Manchester. Printed title to top margin,' The Indian Cricketers Visit our Headquarters for a pair of Timpson-made Shoes'. Players' and officials' names printed to lower border. Players featured include Hazare (captain), Roy, Sarwate, Gaekwad, Ramchand, Manjrekar, Adikhair etc. Original stand-up flap to verso. Overall 10.5"x10.5". Odd minor faults, otherwise in good condition. A nice image
Estimate: £50/80
Hammer price: £65
Lot 388:
Lot 388
'Player's Please'. Colour advertising showcard c1940/50's published by The Imperial Tobacco Company. The card depicts a c1850's cricket match with batsman, wicket keeper and fielders with only two stumps and one long bail. Town houses and spectators to background. With title to top border. 'Player's Please'. Stand-up flap to verso. Overall 12"x17". Staining and bumping to corners, otherwise in good condition. A nice image
Estimate: £50/70
Hammer price: £35
Lot 389:
Lot 389
'Out to Win £1,000 in the Imperial Tobacco Cos. Weekly Cricket Competition'. Colour advertising showcard c1940/50's published by The Imperial Tobacco Company. The card features an illustration to the top left corner of a batsman being bowled, an umpire to the lower left corner, and three cigarette packets to the centre. 9"x12"". Staining and some ageing, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £30/50
Hammer price: £20
Lot 390:
Lot 390
'Wisden Autograph Bat. "There's a Century Behind Every One"'. Colour advertising showcard c1960s. The card features an illustration to the top left corner of John Wisden, with a Wisden bat to the centre. The reference to 'a Century' may correspond to the centenary of the publication of the Wisden Cricketers' Almanack in 1963. 12"x16". Staining and some wear, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £40/60
Hammer price: £50

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